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Sure to Suck! - 20%

natrix, January 17th, 2004

This band has really fallen from grace! I can remember their excellent first two albums, which totally blew me away. Then they took some time off, got some new members and started producing some real crap...

What can I really say about this album? It's not really thrash, except that it does have a rough vocal style that is similar to Jacob Hanson's work with Invocator (which is a fucking excellent modern thrash band). It's definately NOT death metal anymore. So what is it? It kind of reminds me of a groovy hardcore type mess. They have downtuned guitars that chug away kind of like a new metal band, and a drummer that seems afraid to really pick up the pace and thrash something out. The keyboards are better incorporated on here, but they still sound cheesey, like on "Cold."

The main problem I have with this album is the lack of character the songs seem to have. I can listen to the whole album through and nothing really grabs me. The lyrics are not very interesting either, and I think that there was something that got lost in the translation that makes them seem utterly ridiculous (the first two albums, though being classics in my opinion, had this problem as well). There isn't any melodies that grab me, no really heavy parts, just stupid sounding parts. I only paid $7 for this from The End Records, but I still feel I wasted my cash. Oh yeah, and what's with the lame-ass cover art and the stupified logo?! At least "Cold" looked kind of cool!