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Mostly poor - 40%

natrix, January 17th, 2004

Wow, they really changed from their previous two albums. Gone are the occult lyrics (with bad grammar), the death metal vocals, and the twisted riffs. On here we have a band trying to reinvent itself to make something truely unique...and it is unique, but not in a good way. The addition of keyboards works sometimes, but on "Servant" it sounds like their playing the Wheel of Fortune theme songs. Bad!
My main problem is the vocal. They sound kind of like Jacob Hansen from Invocator, but with a heavy French accent. Not a good sign. If they had preferred to continue writing occult lyrics, that would have been better, because trying to get a strong point across about normal things is not good when you suck at English grammar. Take the lyrics to "Abortive Attempt," for example. "Society's not done with you!" Yeah, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! Then there's "A Nice Day to Survive," "Personality on Relief," and my absolute favorite, "AP4NP." Those sound like lyrics written by someone who is in 6th grade, and trying to talk about politics or the struggle of power.
There is one gem on here. The song "Fluids" is excellent, because it combines their previous death metal approach with the atmospheric keyboard work. I don't even mind the vocals on here. A few other parts of songs, like the melodic part on "Abortive Attempt" are really good. "Still Life" seems to be more of an outro, but it has an excellent pensive mood and some good keyboards floating around.
A few good and interesting ideas, but mostly a lot of sub-par pseudo-thrash stuff. It's a shame because "Fluids" is such an excellent song.
. Abortive Attempt
2. If They Live in Ecstasy
3. Fluids
4. Dorian
5. Neutral
6. A Nice Day to Survive
7. AP4PN
8. Personality on Relief
9. Servant
10. Still Life