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Strong, yet forgettable - 72%

the16th6toothson, August 31st, 2008

This along with the Italian Cenotaph to me stood and still stand out to me as the token ''If you liked Pestilence...'' bands of yesteryear. Here you were find vocals EXTREMELY similar to Patrick Mameli's, and a pace that never goes too far into sludgy or too hard into hyper speed (though ''Substance of Purity'' & ''Selected Resurrection'' do get fast). It's safe DeathMetal done with conviction, and a faint air of personality but ultimately you will start to forget what song you're really on...

Every solo is well placed and structured, some more distinct and personal than others but every one works. The double bass work is fluid and consistently cohesive, the guitar sound is smooth and moderately heavy and the vocals heave and are decently enunciated.... But ultimately you will start to forget what song you're really on...

The production brings the riffs to the forefront, with the solos cutting through very nicely, next in the levels is the vocals, which are tasteful and coherent. The drums, are a bit buried, which might be the leading cause of the ending of those first two paragraphs i wrote...

No song is ''bad'', nor is any song a high point in the genre's existence, merely these are simply goods songs written by a band that is right above average.

Fans of latter Pestilence, most of Morgoth's material, Disincarnate and even fans of Massacre would enjoy this-but it's mired but the inability to really ''stick''. The next album had the same problem, but was still fine-after the first two full lengths the band totally went weird on us all, but not for nothing-it's what they are truly remembered for, selling out!

Recommended (?) to those of us who can't get enough DeathMetal no matter how ''in-the-middle'' it is, NOT recommended to fly by night fans who simply stick to the top tier.