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Mercyful Fate - 9 - 95%

KissTheDemon, July 15th, 2004

Mercyful Fate have always been my favorite metal band, and when they broke up way back in the 80's, I was devastated. Thankfully, King Diamond satisfied (and then some...) my metal cravings until MF re-united in 1993. They have released several full-length albums since then, but this is the masterpiece. Their best since 'Don't Break the Oath'. Various genres of metal are covered on here. You have your thrash ('Insane', 'House on the Hill'), you have have your black ('Sold My Soul', 'Burn in Hell'), you have your doom ('The Graveyard', 'Buried Alive') and the plain odd ('9'). But it's all done in the classic Mercyful Fate style, and it simply rocks!

'Last Rites' kicks of the album at a fast past, and shows that Mercyful Fate don't play games. It is a multi-tempo pieces, that ranges from dooming slow to thrashing fast. 'The Church of St. Anne' is one of my favorite pieces on the album, and is also an epic multi-tempo piece that is extremley catchy, with blistering guitars and shredding solos in abundance. 'Sold My Soul' is a dark little piece that is very catchy and packs a heavy punch. 'House on the Hill' is probably the best song on the album, musically and lyrically. The guitars are riffing insanley fast, and Kings excellent vocals combined with the eerie lyrics create a great atmospehre for this tune. 'Burn In Hell' is a fast-paced metaller with the usual Fate lyrics, and some of Diamonds best vocal performances on the enitre album. 'The Grave' is a doom-tinged piece that is slow and sluding, and has a very creepy mood to it. Once again, King steals the show on this track. But it's the guitars that shine on 'Insane', which has a very cryptic main riff and sounds so freaking cool. Also an insnaley cool ending. Great vox as well. 'Kiss the Demon' starts off as a slow piece that has a disturbing feeling floating through, then exlplodes into riggage. '9' is a short but sweet track, with a weird vocal preformance from the King.

I would consider this Mercyful Fate's best album, right behind 'Oath', and right before 'Melissa'. Call me crazy, but it simply is that devilishly good! King Diamond is in top preformance, there are excellent, wild solos going through, the lyrics are the usually creepy stories, everything is in top form. And it has a great cover to boot.

I strongly reccomend this album, it's in my top 10 favorite metal albums for sure! \m/