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Merciless - Unbound - 87%

Sanhara, December 3rd, 2007

Merciless have definitely matured since their debut with their songwriting and presentation of song. What I really enjoy about Unbound is the sense of groove, yet the unmistakable Merciless throat-throttling riffing is still abound. Another notch on the maturity post is the variety and flow from track to track; one does not get bored listening to the entire disc and I am one to easily fall into a cerebral-lethargy listening to an average thrash record.

The track “Back to North” is a great example of interesting guitar work with a mixture of groove, shredding, quiet acoustic and folk-inspired interludes. Rogga's vocals are nothing new on the Merciless front, but a sing-a-long with Unbound will result in the spitting of blood. The rhythm section is competent, but nothing special.

Overall, Unbound is a great thrash record that any self-respecting metal fan should try to snag a copy of. It's not of the same ilk as the generic thrash that was prevalent in the late eighties. As a general rule, I do not enjoy listening to thrash, but Merciless are one band that I gravitate towards.

It's a shame that Merciless have really never achieved the heights that other European thrash bands have, because this is yet another record the proves that Merciless deserve to be recognized as a premier thrash entity.