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Nearly perfect - 90%

Tongues11, June 1st, 2005

Mercenary apparently released what seems to be masterpiece. “11 Dreams” is simply unbelievable. When I bought it, I stayed in my CD player for about a week an a half because I couldn’t stop listening to it again and again. The Danish band delivers kickass performances from start to end and fuck, the album has not a single song which could be called inferior or not as good as the rest.

“Now do you feel respectable on the cross?” speak of an in-your-face-religion way to start a song! After the little movie-like keyboard intro, “World Hate Center” truly the angriest, heaviest, most hate-filled song of the album explodes in your head and stays there for the next week. The main riff is simply great and the overall growling of Kral and Mikkel is so angry that you HAVE to headbang. It’s one of those “can’t resist moshing” song.

After comes “11 Dreams” which is very different from the first song but still great. The song delivers one thing that stands on top of its overall greatness, a very good solo (3:19).

After a few more-than-good songs comes the memorable “Sharpen The Edges”. Now that’s one creepy little song. A melodramatic piano intro accompanied with lyrics that carry a message similar to the timeless classic “Die, Die my Darling”. Now the song is slow-paced but the riff, although static from start to end (yeah, there’s no real musical evolution in this piece) is so heavy, you can definitely sense some sort of sick and twisted hate all the way to the end.

Following this bizarre-yet-memorable track is “Supremacy v2.0” now that’s just a lesson to all Melodic Death Metal newcomers about how to write a kickass song. The main riff is somewhat slow-paced (again) but very effective and yet again the two singers are just great. The ensemble is so well constructed; you can’t get tired of listening to the song over and over.

Right after that is the cover of “Music Non Stop” originally performed by the indiepop band, Kent. Now when I first heard the song my natural reaction was : what the hell?? But, after re-listening to it I realised that, damn, Mercenary took a loser pop song and they actually gave it a reasonable metal sound. I consider that an accomplishment.

Finally, the last song from the album “Loneliness” is simply going to blow you away. After one listening it was already my personal favourite. Now the guitars are simply exceptional all the way, from the main riff to the solo. The drums are not unbelievable but Mike Park Nielsen is definitely not falling behind, and the singing is once again, dangerously close to perfection. There’s one thing I gotta say, I’m an amateur singer (well growler actually if you want me to be precise) and this means that I’m real picky on the singing and the lyrics in a song, and “Loneliness” has some of the best lyrics I ever read. I’m not going to explain them so if you really want to know, get the CD and see for yourself.

In conclusion, although the album is clearly from the Melodic Death Metal genre, many songs have somewhat of a Power Metal feel, mainly because of the echo-like sound in Mikkel’s clear vocals and the keyboard, which often reminded me of Stratovarius. Still, it’s almost impossible for a Melodic Death fan to dislike this album. My advice to all of you out there is GO BUY “11 DREAMS”!!!!