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Danish?? NOT Swedish??? Im confused - 90%

SoulSeekJay, September 17th, 2004

you mean this isn’t early IN FLAMES??!?

These Danish guys already released their second album "Everblack" with Hammerheart Records, through this great album they caught more attention and the result is their third album on Century Media Records!!

And after two years they return with a great album that perfectly mixes aggression and melody! They are introduced by a short Instrumental that features a lot of keyboard sounds and has an epic touch. It flows into the second track

"World Hate Center" that opens with straight up melodic death metal which has a dark touch throughout, and decent keyboards in the background. At the beginning of this track I really like the combination of melodic leads and double-bass driven drumming while the singer screams his lungs. Their sound gets another special touch when their singer Mikkel Sandager switches from high-pitched screams to clean singing. That's just wonderful, the passionate and evil screams on one hand and even symphonic clean singing on the other! I'm really satisfied by "World Hate Center" but the follower isn't my cup of tea 'cause it reminds me more of laid-back power metal instead of the fast brutal pieces they've had within the first track. The forth track is a mixture of both sounds, they add a few brutal parts but they often play symphonic mid-tempo metal, one highlight is a fast guitar solo at the middle of the song. Mercenary combine power metal alike vocals with part-wise rough screams and melodic death metal tunes and from my point of view they should play a few more of the thrashing death metal pieces so that their album would be more furious. But if you are into diversified metal that draws influences from death metal to rocking power metal or symphonically metal give them a try!