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A band that will change music for the better - 100%

SirMichaelJ, January 6th, 2007

This is of coarse a personal opinion. But I found this to, out any metal release, my favorite album I’ve let my ears hear.

Why is this album getting such an outlandish comment?

Mainly because Mercenary can combine old school and new school metal. It’s evident right after the intro track. With an old thrash riff, the insane drumming that sounds as if there's 3 drummers, a tri vocal attack. Of the vocals a harsh scream, a brutal growl, and what's that? One of the best clean vocalists on cd's and live. Not only this but Mercenary does something 95% of metal doesn’t. YOU CAN HEAR THE BASS! In fact, the bass is what gives Mercenary its drive, the absolute feeling of the world caving in around you while the pounding double bass and crushing heavy/thrash riffs attack you head on. The solo really grabs you and makes you want to finish off the cd. The solo is mesmerizing and very original, to say that for a solo is very uncommon. Simply put, the song is near flawless. What makes you want to hear the song again? The keys. That's right, the keys. They are mixed in with a choir of epic proportion. A beautiful background combined with a crushing foreground of music scenery? It's no lie, Mercenary pulls it off.

All this after just first track. It doesn’t end there. The next track, which is the title track, uses very little harsh vocals, but still leaves your brain in a state of paradox dealing with the heaviness, combined with the subtle beauty. Actually there's one lyric in the song which can best describe Mercenary’s music. "Through this paradigm". That's what the song/Mercenary in general feels like, a constant shift of complete opposites. This track in specific has the most convictional lyrics; both in terms of depth and talent they are sung.

This review could go on for every track, but I would be repeating myself. Because all of the songs have this sort of shift between beauty and a factor of brutality. Words cant do this album justice, every song sounds different, no two sound alike, and they even managed to throw a cover song in there (I’m sure you can tell which one, it really is a no brainer).

Songs like Sharpen the Edges, really bring this black, grim and gives one no hope of any sort of solace, yet it is not black metal. Loneliness is more upbeat, but still carries that slow, almost depressing mood. The vocals on all tracks will have you singing along by the third listen of the cd, the guitars will have you air guttering, the drums air drumming, the bass (For a first might I add!) air bassing.

Very cd leaves a listener with a feeling of completeness. A Yin to the music listeners Yang so to speak. 11 Dreams is the yin to my yang, and I’m sure this will apply to many others. Listen and really immerse yourself in a very well composed and written cd.