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Excellent debut by one talented band - 90%

Metalwontdie, June 25th, 2009

Mendeed was a melodic-death metal band with traces of Metalcore mainly in the vocal style of Dave Proctor (Before they broke up after their sophomore release in 2007). Mendeed’s debut This War Will Last Forever while not being very original is extremely well done especially for a debut album. It sounds like a very thrashy high speed version of melodic-death metal, with many solos, great leads, and mid-tempo parts for variety.

Most of the songs on this album range from solid to very entertaining and there are very few parts in this nearly hour long album that you are not entertained (Over 70 minutes if you own the re-release with the two bonus tracks. This War Will Last Forever starts off with the instrumental album opener What We have Become, it is mainly a Bag-Pipe solo with some battle noises at the end, it is very emotionally charged that makes you feel like your on a battle field and mourning you fallen brothers (A great way to start an album). Then Beneath A Burning Sky bursts forth and you are treated to some awesome fast riffs with the best solo off the album. The rest of This War Will Last Forever is basically in the same vein as Beneath A Burning Sky except for a few moments like the mid-tempo first minute on The Mourning Aftermath, and the mainly mid-tempo For Blasphemy We Bleed.

The band members are all very talented even the vocalist though he is the weakest link. Dave Proctor is a pretty good vocalist when he doesn’t spew his more Metalcore styled melodic singing; he improves much more on their sophomore release. The guitar duo of Steph Gildea and Steven Nixon is very good and the highlight of the album with many inspired leads, great riffs, and almost exclusively great solos. Chris Lavery’s bass while not audible for most of the album adds more heaviness to the album especially on the slower mid-tempo parts. Finally Kevin Mathews drum work is pretty good with some great fills and plenty of fast double bass work he’s a very solid drummer.

Overall This War Will Last Forever while not being a perfect album is excellent never the less. The only downside to this album is that it its too long could have been shortened to about fifty minutes and the second half is a bit weaker. Best songs are Beneath a Burning sky, Stand As one And Fight For Glory, Remains Of The Day, Withered And Torn, two other standouts is the instrumental opener and The Mourning Aftermath. I highly recommend this album to fans of melodic-death metal and of any type of melodic fast metal.

-4 points Dave Proctors vocals need some improving
-4 album length could be shortened for greater effect
-2 second half is somewhat weaker