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Classic sludge metal - 94%

alex_MISTER, May 21st, 2006

What can i say, The Melvins are the FIRST sludge metal/avant-garde metal out there.Take a good look at this album. Houdini has a seemingly innocent cover but as soon as you pop the CD into your Cd player, you are bombarded by pure sludge metal, only giving you 20 second breaks before the crushing comes back. I'll review each track separately.

Hooch 8/10-Dale Crover starts out with some crushing drums and 5 seconds later Buzz comes in with his menacing riffs as it continues to pummel you to death. The only problem with this track is the short length and some weird lyrics, but that's Buzz all the way. This songs lyrics are the only ones printed in the booklet

Night Goat 7.5/10- I don't know why but i can't like this song too much. It starts off with the main riff muffled for 15 seconds then goes into a mediocre riff for a while until the screams, howls, and noises of Buzz come in. It builds up slow in the beginnning and that always pisses me off. Buzz should never and i repeat NEVER scream like that under any circumstances. The riff becomes annoying and then a pretty good one comes in for 3 seconds. Don't try to get me to like this track because i don't.

Lizzy 10/10-I love this song. It starts off quietly with Buzz singing melodically, the guitars are clean and muffled. Lyrics of course and weird. It's quiet for 40 seconds and then the main crushingly powerful sludge riff comes in with Buzz singing "Give me a black one". It stops after 10 seconds and after another 5 it starts again with "Open up a cascade" It continues like that for the rest of the track. It is so incredibly heavy it isn't even funny. Well it's funny but you know what i mean.

Going Blind (KISS cover) 9.5/10-This song is so faithful to the original. It seems like the hard rock Kiss played back in the 70s. The Melvins play it better than they did. It's heavy but melodic at the same time. Dale Crover puts his own original spin on it and it works very well. Buzz can sing if he wants to you know, it's just that here on this song it's a little overdone. He takes the lyrics way too slow. Oh well this was orignally slow anyway.

Honey Bucket 10/10-Greatest song on the album. PURE CRUSHING SLUDGE METAL ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Riff after riff ripping your head off. It has Dale Crover playing at his best. Buzz kicks out amazingly heavy riffs without getting all that complicated. What really shines though is the bass. Normally The Melvins have a bad time when it comes to getting a good bassist willing to play with them. Lori Black compliments this song well with her distorded bass lines. I love this song

Hag Me 8/10- It's seven long minutes of slow drone sludge metal. The riff is played to f------ death. It is suprisingly heavy and the rhythm section is heard clearly. It doesn't show The Melvin's creativity or their originality but it gets the job done.

Set Me Straight-9.5/10-This is an upbeat rocking showing their more stoner rock side. The drumming is generic, but The Melvins are poking fun at all those modern rock bands that song almost exactly like this song. It's short and sweet. Fun to sing along with. I love this song, a Melvins classic.

Sky Pup-8.5/10-It ain't metal so what is it? It's an avant-garde jazzy type of song. It has the greatest bass line on this album. Lot's of weird noises played over and over. It's so weird it's great. Lori Black has some talent she does.

Joan of Arc-9/10-Everyone who knows The Melvins knows this song. It has eerie vocals and a great riff. This song was cover by members of Strapping Young Lad,Fear Factory, and others on a tribute album to The Melvins. I like this one especially for the ending hahaha. This song shows how Dale Crover drums like he was trying to break cement. And holy crap it can.

Teet-10/10-This is it. THE EPITIMY OF ANY MELVINS SONG. The bass line is awesome. It has a creepy jazz feel to it. Buzz is singing like he was a detective in a 50s TV show, until he starts barking toward the heavy part of the song. It's short (like many other good songs) but it is made up for because of it's great feel.

Copache 8/10- It's a little hardcore number. Has some distorted vocals and a great guitar riff. Can't Help but love it. Great energetic drumming. It's short but great. It get's stuck in your head easily

Pearl Bomb 7.5/10-A worthless track, but has an excellent bass line that builds suspense in the song. It took me a while to figure out how to play it but i eventually did by constant listening of this album.

Spread Eagle Beagle 5/10- Ten minutes of Dale Crover and Kurt Cobain pounding on some drums. What's not to love?

Overall this is a great album that has it's high points and it's middle points. Nothing really sucks on this album except Spread Eagle Beagle. Even then that isn't so bad.

Standout tracks:Honey Bucket, Lizzy, Set Me Straight , Joan Of Arc, and Teet