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Old School That Endures! - 84%

overkill67, January 27th, 2007

"It's The Beginning Of The End"! Well, actually this was the beginning of a highly underrated and poorly misunderstood career! Meliah Rage's debut was a killer assembly of old school formulas mixed with the modern day (1988) thrash explosion that was taking place in the notorious Bay Area!

Although only seven tracks were found on this recording, the initial plan was to release this album with eight tracks, "Kill To Survive" being the obvious title track which was unfortunately left out at the request of the record label, due to the violent and graphic lyrics. Which is really too bad, because it was an excellent song, and this album is constantly critisized for being so short. Shame on Epic records!

As for the seven tracks that are on here, they are all worthy to be heard. Believe you, me! Nothing on this disc is skip worthy by any means. The production is phenomenal for the time of its release, and the ability of this band to write hooks, and catchy numbers is something that should be taught to many of todays wanna-be nu-metal/pseudo thrash bands! The interesting thing about this album is the fact that although this band is and always will be labeled a thrash metal band, there formual for song creativity stemmed largely from the NWOBHM. I know that this may seem like a redundant statement, since bands like Forbidden and Megadeth often site alot of these same bands as influences, however they only incorportated certain aspects of NWOBHM style into their own songs, and then embelished them with their own innovative twists. Meliah Rage on the other hand, stuck entirely with the 4 chord progressions, stripped down, bare boned guitar solos (no wankery/no shredding), and for the most part the bands songs are completely devoid of absolutely any progressive elements whatsoever. Yet, the songs still remain interesting and they've managed to endure. In other words, they got their song writting down to a science.

The songs on this album have already been covered in great detail in a previous review, therefore I will refrain from beating a dead horse. However, I will say this, Meliah Rage are one of the most underrated bands of all time! They definately deserve much more recognition and much more praise for their contribution to metal for the past 20 years, as well as their ability to stick to their guns and never compromise their style. This album is a testament to the bands inception into the domineering world of thrash metal and important aspect to the reason that there ever was a Metal scene in Boston and the eastern United States.

I know that this album was reissued around 2000 along with "Live Kill", but do wish that someone will remaster this album and release it the way that it desreves to be can only wish!