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Nicely done speed/thrash - 80%

UltraBoris, December 1st, 2002

There really isn't anything here that hadn't been done before, but it is definitely done well. The band in question is Meliah Rage, and they sound a bit like Metal Church meets Vio-lence meets Laaz Rockit, with some more speed metal moments than any of those.

We start with "Beginning of the End" - one of the strongest songs on here, and this sets the tone for the whole album. "This is the end!" Nicely done speed/thrash - a pretty fast song with some nice headbanging riffs. Then, "Bates Motel" is a bit slower, and has more groove, and if you do not headbang to this, I will come to your house and feed your face to your dog.

"Meliah Rage" is an instrumental - some nice power-metal moments to be found here reminiscent of Blessing in Disguise, and then we get into the awesome "Deadly Existence" - this is fucking insane, fucking heavy, and fucking vio-lent. Especially the middle part, which suddenly hits about 254 beats per minute, and then shoves an entire Sears catalogue full of lawnmower blades down YOUR throat.

"Enter the Darkness" is power metal. This is the antithesis of "Deadly Existence", in that the melody lines are more pronounced. It can almost be compared to Grim Reaper or any other of the heavy 80s metal bands. I think they made a video for this one... this is definitely the hit single of the album. "Impaling Doom" is fast speed metal, as is "The Pack" - the two fastest songs on the album, both having a very definite "Western Alliance" feel to them.

Again, nothing too groundbreaking, but still this is highly enjoyable speed/thrash to be found here.