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A trully hidden masterpiece - 100%

Ragereviews, June 2nd, 2017
Written based on this version: 1988, CD, Epic Records

During the eighties many thrash metal bands gained a lot of popularity like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. Yeah: "The Big Four". Also during those years younger bands erupted expanding the style with a slightly different approach that mixed traditional metal elements to the original thrash metal formula.

I always loved Meliah Rage since I've bought this CD on a tiny specialized metal store in Argentina (My country) during early 1993.

This Boston outfit was signed by Epic Records: not too bad for a newer band!. "Kill To Survive" contains seven tracks that shows an exquisit balance between traditional heavy metal - Riot and NWOBHM are quite remarkable influences - and 1983-1986 Metallica era. Guitarrists Anthony Nichols And Jim Koury are the cornerstone of the band with their constant rhytmic attack using energetic/melodic riffs. A trully solid tandem that also plays excellent solos during the whole CD!.

Mike Munro with his vocals offers an astounding performance sounding like a melodic version of James Hetfield.

"Beginning Of The End" it´s the first song of this work and shows the most "melodical" side of the band. The rest of the album lacks of fillers and goes succesfully to the point, "Bates Motel" - as we can imagine - it's a tribute to Norman Bates and contains brilliant arpegios specially during the last two minutes.

"Meliah Rage" is the only instrumental on "Kill To Survive" and shows more speed, energy, and five talented musicians in their executions.

The opening riff of "Enter The Darkness" reminds me some Raven influence and the song it's plenty of well placed hooks and tempo changes.

The last track it's one of the burning moments of the CD, "The Pack" explodes in your face with solid and constant melodic hooks balanced with thrashy riffing plus a brilliant performance of Stuart Dowie on drums, he shines in his amazing solo at the closer end of the track.

I always considered them highly underrated and some comparisons with Metal Church don't make justice with them. Here we have more elements: sense of melody mixed with palm-muted riffing and very epic songs. Iron Maiden it's another source of inspiration.

Unfortunately this album has only seven tracks, the reason was that Epic choose to put aside the title track "Kill To Survive" because they considered that the lyrics were too violent and they don't want any kind of law suit. I strongly reccomend this work to listeners that like Metallica, they are their most bigger influence.

Meliah Rage offered a tremendous compendium of powerful and inspired songs. Killer album for sure and ESSENTIAL!