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An amazing experience - 99%

TheSkrypter, January 10th, 2012

I got this cd for Christmas and I rushed to listen to it because I always get excited when I have something new to listen to. I already knew 2 songs from “The Epigenesis”, namely “Ghouls of Nineveh” and “Grand Gathas”, thanks to the free sample cd that comes along with a metal magazine I usually buy. Those two I already knew were very good songs, but I really didn’t expect the entire album to be this good. For well over an hour the listener is taken through a full experience to the senses, mainly driven by the perfect mix between melodic black metal and Middle Eastern parts that make you feel like you actually are in a tent in the middle of the desert surrounded by priceless jewels and luxury. This album is pure luxury to your ears.

It has pretty heavy tracks such as “Grand Gathas”, “Sacred Geometry”, “The Magickan and the Drones”, and “Negative Theology” that would fit perfectly any melodic black metal taste, with powerful guitar riffs, perfectly accompanied by a double bass drumming that will make you bang your head through the whole length of each song.

There are also tracks that will give you some time to breathe before hitting you with the next breathtaking endeavor: “When Halos of Candles Collide” is an instrumental masterpiece that has more folk elements in it than it has metal, but it combines both elements perfectly and calms you down before “Defeating the Giants” (the shortest song in the album) blasts in your face with a full black metal sound, unleashing pounding drums and savage guitar riffs. “A Greater Chain of Being” delivers you an astonishing Middle Eastern folk experience for almost 7 minutes, completely acoustic and intensely atmospheric, enveloping you in hypnotizing melodies flowing from ethnic guitars, goatskin drums, and voices calling from afar.

The best track on this album is the title track. “The Epigenesis” is much more than a simple song; it sums up the whole essence of the album for over 12 minutes, mixing all elements that you can enjoy throughout the album all at once: the ethnic guitar, the slowed down riffs, the pummeling drums, the middle-paced tempos, the oriental atmosphere, and a black metal feel that wraps everything tidily together and leaves you hooked until the final 25 seconds when the guitars fade out and the journey comes to an end. When you look at the time, you can’t believe that 71 minutes are gone because while listening to the album you were suspended from reality. It really is that good!