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One of the Best Albums of 2006 - 95%

kozhushner, March 2nd, 2007

This album has got to be one of the best albums of 2006 and the best so far released by the band. It is a perfect blend of the folky Middle Eastern black metal sound of their Djinn album and the thrashy black metal of the Sphinx album. While in most cases good production tends to harm the quallity of a Black Metal album in this case it actually enhances it; Ashmedi's raspy vocals are clearer than ever and really stand out on the album and the folky Middle Eastern riffis are of exellent clarity as well.

Ashmedi's raspy vocals are clear and audiable unlike the Djinn album where you could barely hear his vocals. there’s some really well done and well placed chanting in some songs as well. Unlike alot of other bands Melechesh does not overuse the chanting, it appears in a few songs and thats it. so it does not get annoying because it doesnt come up in the middle of every single song. The best song on the album would probably have to be the first track, Rebirth of the Nemesis, which is very fast and thrashy and at the same time has that Middle Eastern folky approach to it, and it really sets the mood for the whole album.

The new drummer, Xul, does an excellent job as well and more than lives up to the work that Proscriptor has done for the band on the last 2 albums. The drumming is of a simmilar style that the band has used before, rather than blasting away on every song the drum beats also have that ethnic middle eastern feel to them.

The only major downsides of the album are that the instrumental, The Scribes of Kur, is abit longer than it should be, tho that is not too bad. The only other problem with the album is that none of the other tracks are really as exelent as the first one, but yet again that is not too bad as the other songs are still great.

Tracks I would recommend are:
Rebirth of the Nemesis
Deluge of Delusional Dreams
Sand Grain Universe
Ladders to Sumeria

Also the cover of The Tea Party's Gyroscope is very well done.