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For Everyone - 95%

Nyctophile, April 6th, 2007

Melechesh is a band that perfectly combines elements of black metal with ethnic influences. Listening to the cd the first time, I knew this band had massive potential. The fact that they declare themselves as Sumerian Black Metal alone shows that they are shooting for a unique sound. They do achieve a unique sound, trust me.

The most amazing part of Emmisaries is the fact that Melechesh creates such a unique atmosphere without sacrificing tenacity. Instead of using a plethora of instruments to create their "Sumerian" sound, the band relies on solid, creative riffs that leave you awestruck. They're not the most technical Black Metal band out there, but they do have solid musicianship.

As far as sound quality of the cd goes, Emissaries is a superb cd. The guitars are crisp and clean, punctuated by the drums. In addition to the guitars, the vocals are also very good, with a raspy, shrill tone.

Songwriting for Emissaries is definitely top-notch. Before you even think of listening to the cd, make sure you listen to "Rebirth of the Nemesis." The opening track absolutely devastates and leaves you with an indescribable feeling. Other notable tracks include "Ladders to Sumeria," "Double Helixed Sceptre," and "Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth." The songs themselves exhibit a lot of variety. For instance, "The Scribes of Kur," has a slower pace with more ethnic instrumentation that helps to create the mood of the cd. Overall, the songs complement each other nicely without sounding disjointed.

Melechesh has become one of my favorite bands because of their distinct style and undeniable passion. I would recommend this cd to fans of any type of metal. Yep even doom.