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Djinn - 80%

dyingseraph84, June 12th, 2010

Djinn is where Melechesh found their style. As Jerusalem Burns was very much a black metal album with some middle eastern flares thrown in here and there. Djinn on the other hand, really has it's own sound to it. Nothing released around 2001 sounded quite like this. Sure Nile was around but they didn't have a black metal feel to their style, this was in a league of its own.

When compared to later albums as Sphynx and Emissaries, Djinn is pretty tame and not that interesting. Like I said this is where they found their style, they haven't yet improved on it. Some songs drag on forever and don't go anywhere, others like 'Wardjinn' are intense and driving.

The production is compressed and very drum oriented. Proscriptor's drum work is held back, when compared to the barrage of drum work found on any Absu release. There is a lot of middle eastern flair thrown into the drum patterns and guitar work. The bass guitar is played cleanly and provides a nice back line to the music.

I want to take a minute to describe the vocal work. There is a lot of variation here, vocals range from the standard black metal rasp, clean singing, and chanting. The vocals are one of the best and most unique aspects of this album. There are light keyboard touches throughout the album, and the guitar work is very varied.

I can't really point out one main band that this sounds like. If you took bands like, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Dissection, Destruction, Bathory, and Immolation then you get the idea of the sound the bands going for. I really like the solos played on Djinn, every solo is well played and sounds very unique.

There are a couple of tracks that just don't go anywhere here. Specifically 'Rub the Lantern', 'A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii', and 'Dragon's Legacy' drag on for way too long. There simply is not enough to hold you attention through their duration.

This album is decent, Melechesh's later releases are a lot better. There are 3 or 4 songs here that are sub par and don't really warrant repeated listens. I mean if you had the choice of listening to Sphynx or Djinn, your more than likely going to pick Sphynx. This is a unique album and is for open minded metal heads who want something out of the ordinary.