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Not quite there. - 70%

Rahzak, February 14th, 2008

I have to admit it; I'm a Melechesh fan boy. I think everything they've done so far is teh tits and that they deserve all the praise in the world, all the tits in the world and I'd personally lick Ashmedi's ass clean if he asked me to. But of course, even a fan-fucken-tastic band got to have their weakness and I have to admit Djinn is the worst album Melechesh has ever made. Or maybe "worst" is too harsh, I'd have to go with "least good" instead because it's still a good album.

The thing that kinda turns me off this album is that mighty good songs are mixed with songs that can't be described as anything other than mediocre. It's like a god damn rollercoaster: Starts off high up, then takes a dive right down in the shit, then up again and then it repeats this process like three times. Take for example the first three tracks, one which is an acoustic intro. "Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights" is a fantastic, fast and thrashing song with the typical Middle-Eastern vibe a Melechesh song should have, followed by the low-tempo snore fest that is "A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii". Alright, alright. I have nothing against slower songs, but "A Summoning..." simply bores me to tears.

And in that pattern it continues, mixing great and catchy songs with fantastic riffs which give my musicpenis a boner, with songs that simply are "meh" and never seem to get stuck in my head, something that happens with almost all songs from the other Melechesh albums.

However this is in many ways a special Melechesh album, apart from being the least good one that is. This is the album where they started to fully develop their truly unique style of making metal which can be heard at its best on Sphynx and Emissaries. "As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Initsar" is better than this one, but it's more "normal" black metal than the later ones.

So all in all it's a good album, not fab-dabby-dabulous but still definitely worth buying (especially if you're a Melechesh sucker and needs to have all their albums on your shelf to keep yourself from being on the edge of putting a gun in your mouth, like me), and it got some really nice songs, among them already mentioned "Genies, Sorcerers and something else", "Wardjinn", "Dragon's Legacy" and "The Siege of Lachish". By the way, "The Siege of Lachish" is actually an old Melechesh song as it was first released on the EP with the same name in 1996, even before the "As Jerusalem Burns..."-album was released. Oh well, if you think this release is good and haven't heard Sphynx and Emissaries, do it and lay knocked out by their awesomeness because this is nothing compared to them. Now I'm off to pleasure myself while listening to Sand Grain Universe.