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A Work of Conviction - 75%

Svartekrist, August 11th, 2011

Melancholy Pessimism is an odd case. These guys have been around for nearly twenty years and they have yet to actually make their mark upon the global death metal scene. The term “global death metal scene” might be an oxymoron though. But it is hard to deny that death metal is not a widespread genre. But enough schizophrenia. What does End of Vermin Nations offer? Aside from pounding death metal, that is.

Everything in terms of instrumentation feels very controlled and precise, but without being inhuman. The guitars mostly chug away with standard death metal guitar antics, but leave behind a good taste due to many leads found abound here and there. As for the bass guitar, at some times, it seems nonexistent, but on some other occasions, it release a strew of frenzied tunes all over the place. The drums, for most of the entirely of the album, play out rather straight forward with bashing rhythms that are quite catchy. The vocals however, are bit more disappointing and can be divided into two style, shouting and growling. The growling is fairly good and can be deciphered, but the shouting feels misplaced at times. There should also be mentioned that there are some calm acoustic pieces amidst the brutality.

The production and mixing is very good, sometimes it seems like the guitars and the bass guitar gets a little tangled together, but overall leaves everything audible. The songwriting is at times somewhat boring and not well arranged, but as well, overall leaves a good taste with the compositions for most of the duration of the album. Now, the negatives are not many, but those that are here, are the misplaced shouting which can be a little bothersome or distracting and as mentioned earlier, the sometimes seemingly nonexistent bass guitar. As well, are some of the songwriting. These all help weaken the overall feel and experience, but do not severely damage it.

So what is End of Vermin Nations? A relatively solid effort of much quality, though lacking in some departments. This is fast, pounding, heavy-hitting death metal, and if considered just that, it does the job very well.

Stand out tracks: Blind for Faith, End of Vermin Nations, Cunning Psychological Manipulation.