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Trippy as hell. Twisted Genius. - 99%

FragKrag, March 18th, 2009

Mekong Delta are a damn fine band. Some of the best prog thrash around, and they have yet to produce something boring. The musicianship and writing in this album are absurd... in a good way. I really don't have anything to say that isn't positive about this album.

Alright, so Mekong Delta. A horribly underrated band, and for reasons I do not know. This album is trippy. Most of the riffs sound like random notes put together for maximum awesome abstract affect. Hell, it works! I can't stop listening and god knows how they wrote the riffs. Like most progressive bands, the musicianship is awesome. Guitars and drums are top notch.

Most of the time, when a band goes technical, it's to the point where the music sounds like random assortments of notes. Well, Mekong Delta has almost reached that point. It's as if the band decided to forget everything they know about music theory and just compose by feel. The product however, is truly an awesome experience for your ears.

The riffs are probably the highlight of this album. The riffs are unbelievably complex and unbelievably catchy... I couldn't pull myself from this album. It grows quickly. Many people may be put off by the unique sound, but give the album a few plays and it will soon be stuck in your head. Some of the most memorable riffs are in "Beyond the Gates". The riffing in that song is pure genius. The vocals and the drumming fit perfectly with the riffs. Along with the furious riffing, the album is complemented by sudden... very sudden tempo changes. "Outburst", and "Days of Betrayal" are also highlights from Dances of Death.

The solos in every single one of the tracks are twisted genius. "Fuck normal arpeggios and shit, we're making our own music theory", is what the every solo seems like. Twisted. Genius.

Then, after the title track, there are three other awesome tracks. Transgressor is a real thrasher. The song seems to follow a bit of a thrash formula, with gallup riffs, but also with random tempo changes, and weird melodic breakdowns. Hell, the song is completely fucked up, but in a good way. True Believers is strange, just like Transgressor, but it also has a great chorus. "I don't believe you I don't believe you, Parasite!" It got me.

Then comes Night on a Bare Mountain, a cover of a classical song by Mussorgsky. Again, twisted genius. A metal classic song at its best. The original song seems to lend itself to a metal cover, and by god, Mekong Delta did it. Awesome. +100 respect for that. It takes a few listen to fully appreciate, but once you do, it earns a place in your heart.

One thing I didn't mention in great detail was the drumming. Well, it's extremely good use of the double pedal. The drumming is every bit as technical as the guitar work, but when you have furious riffing like the kind you have in this album, you won't pay attention to the drums as much.

In conclusion, a great album. Get it. So why did I take a point off? Well, because while you don't need to be high to enjoy it, being high makes the album so much better. So for you people who don't have access to a high (be it sugar or meth), this gets a 99!