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Classic kvlt... - 92%

Snxke, May 25th, 2004

Well, I got this CD from the king of Germany himself (the esteemed BlackGoat – Tyrant of Barbarian Wrath records!) and to my great surprise this is a murderous classic in the annals of black metal history. ChorazaiM’s satanic brainchild is nothing short of a shocking masterpiece.

The riffing is quite aggressive (but not without lacking melody) as the guitars carve up and down the sides of the mind like two Grim Reapers late for the harvest. Not one song suffers from having bloated jams, solos or song structures as the writing is, short, direct and quite slicing (to the bone). This blood feast is quite pleasing and maybe favorite tracks so far include "The Heretic" and "Blackened". (Though one would be hard-pressed to choose amongst these tracks.) This of course is all aided by the well spaced and attacking production (while lacking the poor sound of a rehearsal recording) provided by a well-handled PC system.

All in all, a healthy worship of Venom, Bathory and many other great bands has paid off in what could be one of THE most important black metal albums in the black millennium. Not one bad original song (and two killer covers of the bands Razor and Exciter) and not even one AVERAGE moment. This CD is a must.