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The Return of Darkness and Evil! - 99%

MarbhDamhsa, February 15th, 2011

Standing atop their namesake, looking around at the carnage spreading forth, Megiddo stands above all. Building upon the past, from Bathory to Hellhammer and Venom, this abomination rises above all dictating that THIS is all that black metal was and will be. This is easily the best black metal album I have ever heard, and it's not hard to see why. Blasphemies most foul lurch from the darkest innermost reaches of Chorazaim's mind, while Blaspherion pounds the drums of war to some of the catchiest guitarwork this side of Laaz Rockit.

When I was initially describing this to my brethern, I compared this to Festering Sore's "Chlorine for the Gene Pool". Though the two aren't stylistic equals, they are similar in the effectiveness of their delivery. Both have wicked production values that makes the Sonata Arcticas of the world writhe in a cage of torment, while still managing to deliver their message with perfect clairity. This is not a pretty album, but it is a thing of beauty.

Lethal Sabbath influenced thrash combines exquisitly with old-school black metal which manages to be catchy as fuck while utilizing the corpse of God's lamb to call forth the Four Horsemen. This isn't exactally a riff-o-rama -- no Coma of Souls here. For the most part these songs rely on 2 or 3 riffs, but they're some of the best ever written. Direct and succinct without dragging out for far too long like some of their labelmates. (I'm not going to name names, but a 20 minute song needs more than 1 riff!)

I feel the best song on here is probably Slaying the Nazarene; that riff under the chorus is one of the best riffs ever written. Four Suns is another amazing one as well, with the haunting spoken vocals under Chorazaim's growls. The Heretic and both the speed metal covers are very good as well.

There isn't a second on here that's wasted. You have no excuse for not owning this, Satan or otherwise. Much like Apocalyptic Raids, if you do not like this, you do not like heavy metal.