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Sweet merciful Satan! - 95%

Disciple_Of_Metal, April 8th, 2003

This album is, without a doubt, THE BEST Black Metal album ever released. Period. End of fucking discussion. Yes, others are very good, but none so as this.

Guitar tone: fucking killer. Riff-work: simple, groovy, and heavy. Vocals: ear-piercingly tasteful! Cover art: Behold the unholy comic book of doom! Yes dear children, this is the album that you should be blasting in front of your orthodox Christian grandmother to eliminate all remaining years of her life.

"The Devil And The Whore" - catchy as hell! Great riffs! "Blackened" is just as catchy, though it begins with a moderate pace and then goes total fucking thrashtacular half-way through the song. "The Oath" - second best track here. Catchy riff, sweet as hell lyrics! "THERE ARE NO CHAINS WHICH CAN HOLD ME! NO SWORDS WHICH CAN PIERCE THROUGH MY SKIN!" And of course, the one and only guitar solo on the album and what a fucking number too. Melodic, simple, catchy as hell. "Slaying The Nazarene" - groovy guitar riff - I've seen my mother dancing to this song before, and yes, it's as funny as you can imagine. "The Heretic" is total fucking thrash mayhem, it doesn't get any better than this... or does it? "Across The Shores" is definitely my favorite song here. Epic, doomy, evil... and ten minutes long. Simply amazing!And then of course we have the excellent covers to end off the album! The last song is simply some thunder crashing in the background. Cool but I would have been happy with "Take This Torch" as the closing track. The thunder does work though.

All in all, this is THE essential Black Metal album to get. Get it now, before Satan rises in full glory to crush all who stand in his way... except for those who possess this album, which is simply one of the greatest metal albums of all time.