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Cause Heroes Never Die - 88%

darkreif, July 9th, 2007

Megadeth hit it big in the "mainstream" metal world with the release of Countdown to Extinction and everyone was just waiting to see what direction Megadeth would head next. Would they move in a more general metal direction or would they revert back to their no holds thrash sound again? Once one listens to Youthanasia it's pretty easy to hear that they continue down the Classic Metal path.

This isn't a bad concept at all. Megadeth prove that they are able to write under this approach and write it well. There are some very catchy songs on Youthanasia that don't lose the technicality or heaviness. Youthanasia proves that one can write great songs without compromising validity.

Dave and Marty take their guitar abilities back a few steps for Youthanasia. Although its not balls out speed and tech work, they do play wonderfully catchy riffs intermixed with some amazing solos and leads. There are some new concepts that Megadeth try out on this album, like chunkier riffs (the awesome train imitating riff in "Train of Consequences") and new timing concepts. There are some great time changes on this album and Megadeth did seem to discover the concept of negative space. That sometimes it's the silence that can speak. A Tout Le Monde uses this timing concept perfectly and it creates one of the best metal ballads I have ever heard.

The bass and drum work is also top notch once again with Ellefson and Menza really taking a bigger role in the music. Since the music is slowed down a bit and there is a bigger emphasis on the heavy chunky riffs, the bass and drums do have an increased sound. I don't ever really remember thinking that the bass and drums were anything to blow my underwear off - but they obviously get the job done and do it well.

Dave Mustaine doesn't try too much different with his vocals since Countdown to Extinction although as it turns out he does have a wonderful singing voice on the ballad, A Tout Le Monde. There is a less harshness in his vocals than on previous efforts and he does do more melodic parts but overall he does exactly what he does. If you enjoy his vocals, you'll love it. If you hate his vocals, you'll hate it.

Overall this is a really solid album. What is does lack is charisma. It's very hard to explain but it seems as though the album has plenty of great songs but nothing that's GREAT. There is no edge that just leaps out and snags the neck of the listener. It's a solid and good album but its missing that one thing that will make it special.

Songs to check out: Reckoning Day, A Tout Le Monde, Blood of Heroes.