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Power metal, anyone? - 81%

UltraBoris, August 11th, 2002

No, Megadeth doesn't do much thrash on this album. Nonetheless, it's still an excellent album. It's also just about their catchiest - they manage to write memorable songs without sounding too much like a sellout. They sound more like 80s metal than anything else at times, with the overt, singalong choruses, but if anyone wants to tell me that THAT was "in" in 1994, I will force you to listen to the first Korn album until you die of a brain hemorrhage.

Songs worth hearing are the opener, Reckoning Day, also the nicely done ballad A Tout le Monde, and some of the aforementioned nice choruses: Blood of Heroes, Elysian Fields, and Addicted to Chaos. The album contains some really well-done lead guitar - more fitting with the songs than on the previous Megadeth album, and just as shred-happy as Mustaine and Friedman have ever been.

Special mention goes to the last song: Victory, in which Mustaine runs through the career of Megadeth, putting in as many song titles as he can. The highlight of the song is the guitar solo. It's a tribute to none other than THE PRINCE!! (Diamond Head), which Metallica with Mustaine covered way back in 1982. A lot of people don't really notice it, but the underlying melody is the same.

Yes, this album is worth getting - it's power metal at its finest. For 1994, when heavy metal was at a definite low point, one is hard pressed to find better metal albums.