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"The youth in Asia would like this album!" - 71%

Metdude, May 3rd, 2007

This was the hardest Megadeth album for me to get into. Other than Reckoning Day, this album did nothing for me. A few years later, I gave the album another listen and enjoyed it a lot more.

This is defnitely their catchiest album. There are some wonderful choruses that make you want to sing out loud! But the band has not forgotten about the riffs! The aforementioned Reckoning Day has a classic headbanging riff and still remains my favourite song from the album. The Killing Road is my second favourite on here. It's arguably the fastest on the album although it's more power metal than thrash. Blood Of Heroes is the catchiest song and another highlight. A Tout Le Monde is the best ballad Megadeth ever did. It has just the right balance between lighter and heavier moments. The live version is even more fantastic. Although the later version was a decent remake, the original will always remain superior.

The main problem I have with the album is the lack of variety. Since many of the songs are the same tempo, they all seem to sound similar to each other. This was the reason it took me so long to get into the album as I could not find anything that really stood out. Despite my newly found admiration for the album, there are still songs which leave me cold. Black Curtains and the tit;e track are especially boring to me. In fact, the second half of the album is much weaker than the first aside from Blood Of Heroes.

Overall, this is a solid release that 's worth owning.