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Megadeth bites back! - 97%

Lade, December 27th, 2008

Ah, this is good. After having to sail Megadeth through a shitstorm over the Risk album and the (in my opinion worse) follow-up The World Needs a Hero, Mustaine showed with The System Has Failed that 'Deth can still perform. "System..." had a couple of good tracks but Washington Is Next! far overshadows anything from that album.

I have to admit that when I bought United Abominations I didn't know Megadeth very well, since then I have put the album away, gotten to know the bands past releases and then lately I suddenly remembered that I had their newest album lying around. I gave it a spin, and thought that it was so-so, until I hear this.

Let me say right off that this is the best track on "Abominations". It has every element that made tracks like 'Skin o' My Teeth' so great, starting with a simple but very great intro riff (some of which does, however, sound strangely familiar to Iron Maidens 'Wasted Years'), the verses also have a couple of standard riffs, nothing serious but still delivered in a raw and unforgiving way. And speaking of raw and unforgiving, the lyrics certainly hold nothing back as Mustaine spews out his rage of the society of today. Lines like "How can there be any logic / in biological war? / we all know this is wrong / but the new world order's beating down the door" may sound very simple, but they're certained delivered in a way that leads no room for doubt as to the seriousness. And Megadeth is SERIOUS.

I can listen to this song again and again - and a song like that deserves a high score.

MegaDeth's return to form. - 91%

hells_unicorn, May 15th, 2007

For those of us fortunate enough to have had exposure to MegaDeth’s pre-Countdown to Extinction material, we remember a band that was well known for filling entire albums with fast paced thrash material like this song. Songs replete with hard edged riffs, galloping guitar and drum lines, and a nasal vocal delivery sung straight through the teeth of an angry man. Fortunately, unlike James Hetfield, Dave does not need to sing about wanting his anger to be healthy, for he speaks with louder with his overall delivery rather than through a pile of half-assed vocal clichés.

Unfortunately not everyone can be pleased no matter how good of a job you do. Some have stated that the principle lead riff was lifted off of Maiden’s “Wasted Years”, which is patently absurd. I suppose every song containing a fast pull off pattern on the high E string will also be lumped into this category, because that is about all the two have in common, to speak nothing for the rest of the song which is stylistically much faster and more aggressive than anything a member of the NWOBHM would seek to put forth. I will always have a preference to Deth’s 80s material, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to trash newer music simply to make myself look learned and wise.

But I digress, “Washington is Next” is not quite up to the task of being compared with anything off of Rust in Peace, but it definitely listens like something taken from the later 80s or early 90s. The solo interchanges are impressive, as is rumored to be the case with much of the material on the album, which I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of through mail order. It wipes the floor with all the post-Rust in Peace solo duels and challenges some of the better stuff found on “So Far, So Good, So What”.

I’m not often one to recommend purchasing singles when there is no bonus material to accompany the featured song, and in this case I’d pretty much say you’d be better off getting the whole album. If you are hard pressed for cash right now and you want to own something from the latest Deth offering, then I’d say get it. If you have the funds, treat this as yet another incentive for getting the full opus.

Megadeth deliver! - 86%

thatcoltkid, May 6th, 2007

From the moment I first heard a live version of this song on Megadeth's myspace, I had gained alot more faith in the upcoming United Abominations album and I am more than pleased to see that this future classic is being released as a single.

Many people have stated that there is no hope in ever getting a Rust in Peace 2 and I too believe that we will never get a masterpiece like that again, however this song here is probably the closest we're going to get.

The opening is a very melodic bit which immediately reminds me of the classic Hangar 18 opening, yes the opening is THAT good. After that Dave's vocals come and and it's backed up by... a thrash riff? Yes a thrash riff, and a damn good one at that. Dave's singing is also in top form, although it still doesn't live up to his whining snarl from the early days. That opening melody is recycled to make for one awesome chorus then we go back to the thrashy verse. The solos displayed on here are probably the best they've done since maybe Youthanasia. The song closes with the music slowing down, gaining an epic feel and Dave's singing turns to talking as he hypes up the conclusive ending... Washington, you're next!

This is the type of song Megadeth need as a single to hype up an upcoming album, it's probably the closest we'll get to Megadeth of old and it's alot more accessable to a true metalhead than the A Tout Le Monde remake...

Not too shabby - 80%

EzX, May 6th, 2007

The singles seem to be coming out of this album like baby rabbits. The third single from United Abominations has reared its head and I was expecting something horrible like another Mustaine- Scabbia duet. But in all actuallity, it's not that bad.

The song starts off with a decent riff playing that reintroduces itself in every chorus session in the song, but it's not as heavy as it could've been. During the body of the song, a heavier version of the intro riff, plays throughout the rest of the song with the exception of a good piece of soloing work from Drover.

Vocals are top notch in the song, probably one of Dave's best since Risk came out, but I'd wish he'd snarl in this song some like he used to. However, with the exception of the chorus, the vocals don't flow very well like they used to in the early 90's and sound broken, if you know what I mean.

Definately not the best Deth song ever, but it's sure as hell not the worst. Hopefully, the rest of United Abominations, with the exception of the A Toute Le Monde remake, will sound like this and better.