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A worth package... - 95%

withoutmyshadow, August 24th, 2008

Megadeth has released many compilations (studio and live) in the last years, all of them featuring pretty much the same songs, the band's "hits". Nothing against these songs, but as an old fan I've grown quite tired after listening to them over and over again through the years.

Well, Warchest offers another compilation, but this time a compilation I found to be very enjoyable. All Megadeth "hits" (Peace Sells, In My Darkest Hours, Holy Wars, Symphony of Destruction etc) are there, but because of its unusual 3-CDs size this compilation features some less popular (but not less brilliant) tracks like Devil's Island, Liar, Five Magics, The Killing Road etc. It also brings many Megadeth songs you can't find in the albums, songs recorded for movie soundtracks or released as b-sides in singles or as bonus tracks in Japanese albums or something. And many of the "hits" here are presented in alternative versions as from live or demo recordings, what makes them more interesting for the fans who have them in the original albums and in a half dozen other compilations already. Among those alternative versions the highlights are the Sex Pistols medley Anarchy/Problems and the demo version for Holy Wars, a bit different from the final version presented in Rust in Peace.

The second part of the package features some live material. The 4th CD brings a concert from 1990, a time when Megadeth was offering some of their best live performances ever (at least in my opinion) and the track lists of their presentations were killer. Rattlehead, the opening track for the concert featured in this CD, can be checked out in the Arsenal of Megadeth DVD in an alternate mix. The 5th and last disc of the box is a DVD and brings a concert from 1992, right after the release of the acclaimed album Countdown to Extinction, during the apex of Megadeth's popularity. It's really cool to have this old live stuff from 1990-92 released, it gives to the new fans a chance to check out how the band sounded live almost two decades ago with its classical formation, and on the other hand it gives old fans some nice register of the old times.

The package presentation is awesome, it's really something special. All summed up makes this Warchest really worth its price and a must-have for any Megadeth fan.