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Great collection of Mega-obscurities! - 90%

overkill67, October 11th, 2007

MegaDave has put together one of the most economically priced box sets in the history of metal. Kudos to Dave for allowing this package to be priced so fairly, because if you consider other bands such as Judas Priest, or Shit-tallica, or Slayer, you'll quickly learn to appreciate the cost of this collector's item.

Overall, much of what you're going to find in this box set, specifically from disc 1-3, you've heard somewhere before. Most of the obscure tracks have been previously released, just not in North America. Stuff like the Duke Nuke'em theme, or New World Order, were B-side material featured in Japan and other overseas markets. Most of these types of tracks can be found as bonus material on the remastered Megadeth catalogue from the Capital Records roster. That being said, its kind of cool to have all of these tracks now compiled together in one specific package. Furthermore, for any of the true Megadeth fans out there, here’s a trivia question for you...Where were the two live tracks, which were recorded in Wisconsin previously featured? Not sure, well the answer is, they were featured on the home video Exposure of A Dream way back in 1992. Seeing as how these were some of the best live renditions you're ever going to hear of these tracks, it only made perfect sense to include them in this great package.

But truthfully, the main reason as to why I wanted to acquire this box set was for discs 4 and 5. Disc four comes from the classic Wempley Stadium tour from 1990 while the band embarked on the legendary Clash Of The Titans Tour. This is the tour that pretty much catapulted Megadeth into the realm of superstardom, thanks greatly to the success of their now legendary album Rust In Peace. The band was pretty much at the best of their ability in a live setting at the time. This clearly comes through on disc 4, where the band not only plays to perfection, but even Dave, who hasn't been able to sing the classic tracks in key for many years now is able to hit some of the high notes in songs like Lucretia and Take No Prisoners. For me personally, one of the only downfalls to a Megadeth concert has always been Dave's struggle with the vocals, but during this era Dave had his game face on and performed greatly.
Also, this live concert features the band playing some live tracks which are no longer played live, tracks such as Black Friday, Rattlehead, or Skull Beneath the Skin, which as far as I'm concerned are the "golden oldies" of Megadeth's lengthy catalogue, along with some of the more notable songs such as Peace Sells of course.

Lastly, Disc 5, which is the DVD, is another example of Megadeth at their absolute best. Musically, each and every member plays to near perfection and the listener doesn't have to cringe listening to Dave while he sings songs such as Wake Up Dead or Holy Wars. A fatantastic display of great musical ability is apparent throughout the entire set. As far as the mix goes, hey, Andy Sneap did it, need I say more. The only ever so slight complaint is that after watching this DVD, the viewer is left wanting more.

Overall, this may or may not appeal to everyone, however I think that we can at least all agree that this is not a cash grab, but rather a sincere and honest attempt from one of thrash metal’s forefather's, to release a box set of material from the inception of the band right up to the band's 2004 release. Dave has included the rarities, some demos, some live stuff, and the obscure stuff. What more could a Mega fan want in such a well-priced package?