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The ultimate collection! - 100%

ShadeOfDarkness, March 13th, 2009

This collection is great! It has got everything you could wish for. It has 3 cd's with their greatest hits, including some demos, live tracks and other stuff. There are so many songs on this that you'll have more than enough to listen to. Not only are there songs that we've heard before. There are also some songs we haven't heard. A cover of kiss' "Strange Ways," the song "Crown Of Worms" which is an unreleased song, and "One Thing" which also is a rare track. It is amazing that we've got all this shit right in one complation!

Including all these powerful tracks, there is also the fourth disc, which is a concert from London in 1990. Here, Dave Mustaine does an absolutely amazing job with his vocals and of course guitar. It is in my opinion the best Megadeth concert ever! It is much better than Metallica's Live Shit Binde & Purge, which also is good but not as good as this one! Dave's vocals are truly unbeatable!

Apart from this, there is also uncluded a DVD of Megadeth live in 1992. This one is also great! I just love Dave's performance here too! So there really is much to listen to in this complation. The greatest hits cd's not only have the original songs we've heard before, but demo's and live tracks. I know I've mentioned this before, but it is important that all you out there know this, so that you know it is worth getting!

So overall, this is a true MUST HAVE for all Megafans out there. Well, it is a MUST HAVE for any thrasher that is out there. Get this complation or DIE!!