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Make’m stop! They’re ruining history - 15%

morbert, May 15th, 2007

Right, let me tell you I totally dig the speedmetal album ‘Killing Is My Business’, the thrash metal classic ‘Rust in Peace’ and the melodic metal album ‘Youthanasia’. I really like a lot Megadeth has done over the years. Nothing however comes close to their album of albums, the thrash metal masterpiece ‘Peace Sells… but who’s buying’. How I’ve given them plenty of chances since 1997, buying each new album as it came out, playing it over and over. Some albums grew on me, some are collecting dust. The latter experience is something that unfortunetaly suits ‘United Abominations’ as well and now I’m really getting fed up with Megadeth.

‘United Abominations’ is neither a really melodic metal album nor a heavy one nor thrash metal. It’s all so bloody nice and safely in the middle of everything that I can only describe this as a load of boring crap. I am not going to describe individual songs here since that would be a waste of time. There is practically nothing happening except for a handfull of good riffs, but none of the riffs and melodies are transformed into quality songs. Only a few sparce moments made me look up from my book but it didn’t take long before all got dull again. Midtempo Megadeth isn’t bad. ‘Symphony of Destruction’ proved that back in 1992. Melody isn’t bad. As said, Youthanasia proved that. But it should be translated into good songs. Just a few good melodies and good riffs don’t automatically make it a good album. Good songwriting comes first.

There is no real thrash nor is there actual speedmetal. There are no real melodic (new) songs that are as catchy as earlier works. Even the new version of ‘a Tout Le Monde’ sucks vocally and dynamically. There are just some typical Mustaine lyrics. And NO, there is almost nothing ‘thrash’ about ‘Washington is Next’. A few riffs do not automatically make something thrash metal. ‘Set the world afire’, that was thrash metal! For that matter ‘St Anger’ has more aggression than ‘United Abomination’. I’m sorry to say for the first time in 17 years Metallica has defeated Megadeth in terms of aggressive metal. Can you imagine that? I’m really disappointed.