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Dave doing what Dave does - 40%

The_Ghoul, August 4th, 2008

Dave Mustaine has to be one of the most arrogant metalheads this side of Lars Ulrich. I'm convinced he thinks every shit he shits out is made of pure 24k gold. United Abominations is filled with pseudo-clever political statements that lack any sort of subtlety, or class for that matter. I refuse to refer to them as lyrics, because they're more like rants of a burnt out rockstar.

But metal is never about the lyrics, so I will talk about the music behind the lyrics. And it is here that it's mostly Dave doing what Dave does. The songs are painfully generic, with nothing to separate them from anything else Dave has done post-Rust in Peace. I don't think Dave knows how to write a good song anymore. All he knows how to write are pop songs (as evident on Risk) and as a result, these come off as modern rock with a metal mask on. It's all verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus and nothing in between. There's none of the genuine emotion that was conveyed in past work. There's none of the frustrated anger of Killing is my Business..., none of the social contempt of Peace Sells, and none of the epic narration of Rust in Peace. In ten (or even five) years nobody will know what United Abominations is, and nor will they care. It might get the occasional mallcore kid into Megadeth, sort of like a gateway, but once they discover the more classic works, this won't be listened to. Even Risk will be remembered as "the album where Dave sucked modern rock cock and swallowed". But this, along with The System Has Failed, and Cryptic Writings, will not be remembered in the years to come. There's simply nothing to jog the imagination, nothing for the fan to hold on to. This is basically Dave going through the musical motions. The riffs are boring, the chorii are boring, and the solos are boring. Seeing as that's all this is, we can conclude it's a boring album.

Like I said earlier, the words suck too. This is just an album made by a bitter and butthurt man (who cried in that Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster) and should be treated as such. If you're knowledgable to stumble upon Megadeth on this site, you should know not to get this. There's no reason to get it. If you do, I can guarantee it will gather dust. Dave should just call it quits and admit that Megadeth hasn't made anything of worth since Youthanasia.