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United Abominations - 82%

Icipher, July 16th, 2007

The new Megadeth album was highly expected and has gained some of the highest chart positions for the band in many years. This was surely mainly due to Megadeth active touring in the past three years, their new record label Roadrunner and the dedication of their fans. While many people seem to expect another Rust in Peace this will propably never happen ‘cause all records are products of their time. With the comeback record, The System Has Failed in 2004 Megadeth surely was a one man band supported by session musicians. The album however showcased some of the most powerfull tracks since the classic Countdown to Extinction, in the form of Blackmail the Universe, Kick the Chair and The Scorpion and you knew to expect something good for the future. With a steady line-up that grew together while touring Megadeth is once again a true band and this can be heard on their latest release United Abominations.

The album opener Sleepwalker really showcases this statement, all the members seem to have had input in this track with James Lomenzo delivering some well executed basslines in the beginning, good melodic solos by Glen Drover and very good drumming by Shawn Drover, all lead tightly by the brainchild himself, Dave Mustaine. One that really pops into a listeners mind is the fact of this album consists of very different tracks and tons of solos. The songwriting here is very good with some suprising time changes on few tracks and the voice of Dave Mustaine has never been as captivating. The riffing on this album really uses elements from all the albums in the bands catalogue and some new elements have been thrown in as well with some progish vibe here and there. The controversial À Tout Le Monde is a good remake of the classic but with a more mainstream rock feel, a good remake but pales in comparison to the original and breaks the more aggressive vibe of the album a bit. The songs are heavy, yet melodic and catchy demonstrated best with the single track Washington Is Next!.

From a lyrical point of view this album really has a lot to say. Now the title really showcases only one aspect of the album which is political, but there ain’t more than four tracks dealing with politics. The rest well, some of getting even or revenge, some biblical references, human relationships and the closing track Burnt Ice showcases the tragedy of a drug addict.

Now the production is very good with thick basslines and clear solos although at times the rhythm guitar could’ve been thicker and personally I’m not a fan of the basic thrash metallic floppy bass drum sound. United Abominations is a very good album by Megadeth, not their best work but truly impressive of a band with such a long history of complications. If you liked albums like Countdown to Extinction and Cryptic Writings, United Abominations is almost as diverse as those and this definitely is the most solid and natural release with the classic Megadeth vibe since Countdown in 1992.