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This Is Totally Outstanding! - 90%

Human666, May 29th, 2007

I don't care how much platitudinous it will sound for you, but I'm highly amazed that after 24 years of activity, Megadeth released such astonishing album without sound recycled even a little bit. Get the fuck out from your 1990 hole, it isn't R.I.P 2, it won't be, and it's excellent like that. Why should you expect from them to release the same album again? What's the point with listenning to something you already know? Classic remains classic, and it can't be done again, deal with it. When you listening to "United Abominations", be sure you won't find any thrash moments here. This is a heavy metal album, with some power metal moments though, but it's mostly sounds like melodic heavy metal. It isn't fast as Megadeth's 80's albums, but this is still a pretty fast album here and there with a lot of technical riffs and solos.

The production here is flawless, honestly. The bass can be heard loud and clear, the guitars sounds pretty heavy and the drums aren't too much dominant and flows perfectly. Mustiane does a very good job with the vocals. He doesn't sounds worned out even a bit, he sounds fresh and piercing enough when he needs to. Maybe this is his best album in terms of vocals, it's amazing that after forty years he sounds more intensive and powerful than how he was in his 20's.

"Sleepwaker", while being the longest track here, sounds shorter than other tracks due to his big variation and interesting composition. It opens with clean guitar pluckings and then comes some choirs and pretty solid bass riffing, then the guitars becomes distorted and builds up intensively until the first verse beings. Daves sings with full heat together with the flowing riffing and gets warmer and warmer in a pretty solid bridge, and then comes another verse and bridge and immediately the chorus comes in and changes the mood. It's a pretty catchy chorus with awesome using of acoustic guitars among distorted guitars, and there is also pretty good using with dual vocals, one repeats the word Sleepwalker and the other one sings different melody, together it's just sounds extremely catchy. The break in the middle is pretty awesome too, piercing riffs and overwhelming leading guitar which brings you back to the technical ecstasy of well known classics such as "Hangar 18". What can I say, this is one of their most intensive opener tracks to date and it really makes you feel energetic, "Sleepwalker" can be easily one of Megadeth's best hymns at their live shows.

"Washington Is Next!" and "Never Walk Alone...A Call To Arms" are pretty good continuers to the awesome opener track, as they are pretty catchy and has some very good sweeping sections which makes you wondering how the hell Mustaine can put out so much excellent moments within several moments and sound so seething. The title track has a bunch of well written riffs and again, another overwhelming chorus. It talks pretty much about politics (as the rest of the album) and contains some french spoken parts in the middle which gives the song a bit more realistic sense and makes you think a bit about our world.

Another mentionable track is of course "A Tout Le Monde". It's a remake of their well known hit from 94's Youthanasia, with a slight difference within it's original composition. However, the individual aspect of it from the original track is the appearance of Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) with Mustaine in the vocals which adds a more feminine touch for the track. It begins with clean guitars and Mustiane sings calmly the first verse, then it gains distrotion and Scabbia comes in as a background vocalist. The chorus sounds pretty melodic with the soft touch of the clean guitars and Scabbia's vocals among Mustaine rougher approach and overdriven guitars, again pretty good variation using which makes this song sounds a bit livelier than it's original version. The second verse is a bit different with some changes with the vocals divisions of Mustaine and Scabbia and the chorus which comes after that sounds amazing again. Then comes an amazingly orgasmic solo and the verse later sounds more exalted and so it's just flows with the chorus and makes you feel an incredible excitement. Overall, it's pretty exciting to hear this old track in a different, more modern form with a bit cleaner production. I don't know which version I prefer, the one from Youthanasia or this one, but after all both of the versions are awesome, and the new one doesn't disappoints even a bit and changes pretty good the mood between the former and the follower track.

So well, "United Abominations" is definitely the best album of Megadeth since 1990. Yes, it's better than "Countdown to Extinction", and this is one of the best heavy metal albums I've heard from our currently decade. A must have for each Megadeh fan or heavy metal fonder, just buy it and I'll sure you won't regret. I've listened to it countless times and I'm enjoyes it each time and feels grateful to Mustaine that still remains one of the best song writers in the heavy metal music today. I can't believe that I gonna see them live on July, performing some material from this amazing album...oh yeah.