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United Abominations - 70%

Emoholocaust, September 28th, 2007

Well here we go again. The 3rd Megadeth album in a row where all we heard leading up to it's release was how it was going to be the next "Rust In Piece" and the return to the thrash roots this band built it's name on in the late 80's early 90's. Much like the last few albums the first song released (from this album it was "Sleepwalker", last album it was "Kick The Chair") was the thrashiest song from the album really making you believe this was going to be it. Megadeth was back.

Well once again this has all been a wolf in sheeps clothing. "United Abominations" is not "Rust In Piece", "Peace Sells", or even "Countdown to Extinction". Dave has once again fooled us but this time there are a few more solid tracks than I was expecting here although I still wouldnt call this a thrash release. But I will admitt it is the best thing this band has released in qutie some. But lets get the bad out of the way first.

The remake of "A Toute Le Monde" is weak. The original sucked and now it features the singer of Lacuna Coil. It's almost like Megadeth were looking for the type of hit Evenesance had a few years ago with "Bring Me to Life" which is pathetic. This is supposed to be a thrash album!! "Never Walk Alone" is just a slowed down, more radio friendly version of Tornado of Souls". The riffs are a dead give-a-way and the chorus is lame. Also on many of the tracks there are goofy political soundclips like on the last album, and much like the last album its annoying. You can already get the message through the music and with these soundclips added it just seems too preachy and over the top.

But there are a good number of solid songs here that might make it worthy for old school fans to check it out. The aformentioned "Sleepwalker" is awesome. Even if it is a re-hashed version of "Good Mourning/Black Friday". It is the heaviest song on the album and the epic intro leading into the song works perfectly. "Washington Is Next" is another solid song although I feel Dave sings too much in the song. Musically its probably the most technical song on the album. New lead guitar play Glenn Drover does and amazing job on the solos, proving he is worthy for the spot once held by great players like Marty Friedman and Chris Poland. "Pray for Blood" and Gears of War" are both two cool songs as well. Their both mid-tempo songs but they donts seem as soft and commerical as many of the mid-tempo songs the band has been doing these past 13 years.

I cant help but get dissapointed as I once again expected this to the glorious return to thrash that Dave and the record label hyped it up to be. I guess I'm a sucker for falling for it a 3rd time. Still I would say this is than the lastest releases from Metallica,and Anthrax, and probably the best thing Megadeth has done since "Countdown to Extinction". I know Dave plans on doing at least one more album and I really hope he lets it all fly next time. He has an amazing band beind him and I know he can pull out another classic. The signs are there he just needs to get over the whole radio friendly thing. Your not going to top Metallica in that department Dave. Let it go. Take the higher road and you'll see in the end you'll be more respected.