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Just a great metal album. - 92%

7stringV, May 23rd, 2007

Megadeth’s United Abominations, while not a return to their trash roots is still a very good album. Most songs on this disk are mid tempo, with some a little quicker then others. The only real all out thrasher is the lead track Sleepwalker. That is not however to say that album lags in any way. Megadeth have pulled off great albums without breakneck tempos before, and this release is on par with Countdown to Extinction or anything after. Making up for the slower tempos are fantastic lead work from Dave Mustaine and Glen Drover that bring back thoughts of Dave and Marty back in early 90’s.

This album like The System Has Failed is a return to Megadeth playing just metal songs, no pop songs that were made just for radio like on Cryptic Writings or Risk. Dave returns to form bringing back what he has made his career out of, political songs. For the most part everything after Countdown, with a few exceptions was not political. United Abominations goes back to Megadeth’s early days containing many politically driven songs.

The best of the best on this album are the first three tracks, and the closer. Sleepwalker is very thrashy with some nice solo work, Washington is Next! is a driving song that paints a picture of America falling out as a super power, and Never Walk Alone…A Call To Arms is very catchy song that is centered around the catchiest chorus on the album. The album finishes with a bang with Burnt Ice. Burnt Ice starts off with coughing reminiscent of Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath, and for the most part is built around the guitar solos that contain some top notch lead work reminiscent of the Rust in Peace days.

The rest of the album is also very good but nothing stands out as much as the tracks above. United Abominations, Gears of War, Blessed are the Dead, Amerikastan, and Your Dead are all very good tracks that fit the album very well and give the disk a nice flow. The only problems I had with United Abominations are the remake of A Tout Le Monde, and Play for Blood. First off Play for Blood has some good riff work, but just seems to much in the vein of Crush ‘Em for my liking. It seems Dave just wrote that one to try to get Megadeth back in sport arenas and I didn’t much care for it. A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) has caught a lot of heat from die hard fans as this version just is unable to keep pace with the original. This song just lacks what the original had. The faster tempo takes the melancholy ambiance out of the song and that is what made the original so good.

United Abominations is not the masterwork Rust In Peace was, though it is another great album from Megadeth. While I would not say this is better then Countdown, it is on par with it and perhaps their best release since then.