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It could be Risk - 75%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

I don't believe anyone listened to this cd objectively. Everyone has come to expect instant classics from Megadeth and complex thrash that boggles the mind, but when listening to this one, you have to throw off all that nostalgia and remember what year it is and how old Mustaine and co. are. It's not 1990 and we ain't gonna see another Rust In Peace so just forget about it. Megadeth as a total thrash band is gone. Marty is gone, and so is Nick. I'm sorry to say that as well, but truth be told, Mustaine is still one of the premier songwriters in the metal world.

My standpoint when I first stuck this in my player was that if it's better than Risk, I'll be happy. Well, it was obvious about 3 seconds in that it was better. Disconnect is one of the better tunes on this cd, and is a well structured Countdown To Extinction sounding song, but more modernized. The title track is somewhat disappointing, weak sounding, though there are a couple decent riffs there. Moto Psycho is annoying to say the least, and was more than likely written for radio play. 1000 Times Goodbye, well...I think this was more of a farewell to the good old days of thrash when Megadeth ruled the kingdom. Burning Bridges is without a doubt the cd's best track. It has a more So Far So Good So What feel about it, especially with the guitar harmonies in the chorus, much more thrash than anything they've done in years. Recipe For Hate/Warhorse is a little on the strange side, sounds like it was meant to be played about 10 times faster. Losing My Senses is a Risk song, must've missed that one when mixing it down or something. Dread And The Fugitive Mind is something different from Megadeth, although that double bass thing near the end is a little too much like One...Return To Hangar is blaspheme, and When, well it seems like Dave liked Am I Evil? so much that he'd cover it...but then he got the brilliant Idea to rename it and take credit...oops!

All in all this is still a solid album by a more than solid band. We all know they're capable of so much more, but until Dave decides he can wield the axe again, we'll be left salivating for more...