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That One Night - 95%

thatcoltkid, April 28th, 2007

With a name like 'That One Night', you'd expect this to be one hell of a special concert and surely enough Megadeth deliver here. This is one of the best live performances of Megadeth I have ever witnessed, if not the best. The track list is pretty damn solid considering that it is from the tour in support of the sub-par album The System has Failed so as you'd expect it would contain a lot of songs from that album.

First off is the fast and thrashy Blackmail the Universe which is one of the better 'System' songs and it is performed greatly, it then seamlessly cuts into the classic Set the World Afire which is also performed greatly and these two tracks are make an awesome way to get this concert started.

On this DVD you get a bit of everything from the Megadeth career (sans tracks from Killing is My Business, which is a shame), you even get something from Risk; the borderline soft rock song I'll Be There, but even that song is performed greatly and I rarely find myself skipping through it. The tracks that I have to say steal the show here however would have to be In My Darkest Hour, the killer combo of Hangar 18 and Return to Hangar and finally the closing tracks Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells and Holy Wars.

Much like Megadeth's previous live release Rude Awakenings; Dave Mustaine’s vocals leave a lot to be desired, however his voice has improved a fair amount and even make a lot of the songs sound much better (Trust and Kick the Chair are two prime examples here), and instrumentally the band is in near perfect form nailing every solo flawlessly, including the highly difficult songs like Hangar 18/Return to Hanger at Tornado of Souls.

But one of the biggest standouts of the DVD would have to be the picture quality, as stupid as it may sound. I mean the picture here is amazingly clear, words cannot describe how perfect the picture quality here is, you really have to see it to believe it. Even if you don't like the music, you should get this just to witness how clear a live DVD can be.

An extra cool little bonus is before some tracks it cuts to footage of the guys performing some songs acoustically at some park with some fans, really shows that these guys love their fans and they love what they do for them.

In short this is an amazing live DVD and it shows that even after 20 years and after a decade of mediocrity, Megadeth are still one of the best and are still able to be a force to be reckoned with.