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Oh my god! That picture quality! - 85%

Agonymph, March 10th, 2007

Because I had been too busy with school recently, it actually caught me by surprise that Megadeth had a new DVD out. But, as a big fan of most of the stuff Dave Mustaine and his men released, I bought it without further notice. I had seen Megadeth play live on the tour during which this DVD was recorded and was absolutely blown away by what this lineup had to offer. My main concerns were if this DVD was good enough to surpass 'Rude Awakening' and if it shows the lineup in optima forma. Both questions can be answered with a "yes".

There is a "however" though. First of all, it's the sound. Most of the time, the sound is great, but James MacDonough's bass is just about inaudible during the first couple of songs. That little point of criticism is fixed later (during 'She-Wolf', Jimmy's back at full strength), but in 'Wake Up Dead' and 'In My Darkest Hour', songs that partly rely on a dominant bass line, it's slightly disturbing.

Another thing is the set list. And I'm not going to say the usual thing, being that they often play the same songs, because I don't mind at all, the songs they often play are the ones I want to hear anyway. When I saw them play that tour, they played a few songs not included here (like 'Skin O' My Teeth', 'The Scorpion', 'Die Dead Enough', 'Mechanix') which I would have loved to hear in favor of a couple of the songs that ARE on the DVD ('I'll Be There', 'Something That I'm Not'). I'm not too fond of 'Coming Home' either, but it works surprisingly well here!

On to the positive things on this DVD, because there are plenty of them! The best of all being the picture quality. I have yet to see a DVD that matches this one visually. The images are crystal clear, beautifully colored by the light and director Michael Sarna deserves a prize for editing a concert film so beautifully. At any given moment, you will see just the band member that needs to be on the screen.

And of course the music! The music is exactly how it's supposed to be. This lineup is tight and consists of very capable musicians. Glen Drover is one of the best and most versatile lead guitarists I have ever heard, his brother Shawn does a great job on the drums and James MacDonough is, apart from a killer bass player, a very good singer too. Works incredibly well on all those beautiful multi-vocal parts in songs like 'Trust', 'She-Wolf', my personal favorite 'Tornado Of Souls' (I said it before and I will say it again...the song with the best guitar solo ever) and 'Symphony Of Destruction'. Megadeth is pretty damn close to being the perfect band for me. Oh and by the way, Mustaine himself seems to have improved greatly on the vocal area. He still isn't a very good singer, but what he does here is much better than what can be heard on 'Rude Awakening'!

There are hardly any extras on this DVD, only an alternate mix of 'Symphony Of Destruction', of which I still have to discover the differences with the version on the main feature. But I don't really mind, I tend to only watch the main feature of a DVD anyway and the one on this DVD is good enough to not really give a shit about any extras. The little fun interludes of Mustaine and Glen Drover playing some songs acoustically in a park somewhere in Buenos Aires are extra enough for me anyway.

Did I get my message clear? Let me put it plain and simple: if you have a heart for Megadeth or Heavy Metal in general, this DVD belongs in your collection. The perfect picture quality meets the near perfect band here. I'd like to hate Mustaine for his attitude, but who gives a shit if his products are going to be this good?