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That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires - 100%

6black6label6, March 7th, 2007

Masterpiece. From when I turned it on, to when I turned it off, i had a smile on my face. I watched the exactly one week before a Megadeth concert in my own hometown and all I can say is I’m pumped. All the old bands that are trying to put shows on now are butchering their old songs, e.g. Metallica, but Megadeth keeps it as real as the song from the album. Even after new members here and there, they can still rock till it hurts.

Music: The sound quality is immaculate, each song sounds as clear as the album, and Dave can still wail like he used to, on both the guitar and his voice box. The crowd really gets into it too, whether it is performing a soccer chant between songs, accompanying the music with chants or drowning out Dave's singing with singing of their own, it really makes you feel that you are there live in the open air. Dave even takes some time to talk and sing to the crowd in their native tongue. What I really like is the cut scenes, where Dave and Shawn are playing acoustic in a park in front many fans that shows a band that is just for the fans. Shawn Drover can still belt out the licks like Poland, Young and Freidman, and gives you the impression that you are watching on of the legendary guitarists.

Video: The concert actually looks like an expensive movie, whether it's the camera angles and panning, or just the over all quality. There are also some breath taking camera angles from behind the audience where they are all jumping in unison, while Dave and the boys are rocking out. It's very cool when the camera shot is from behind the band and you can see just how deep the sea of people is, and how close the surrounding buildings are. It is overall just an amazing DVD, and it makes me want to see Megadeth more then ever.