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As bad as the title. - 39%

ralfikk123, December 23rd, 2011

I'll start off by saying that there are some bands that sound good throughout their entire career. Sure, they might release a shitty album here and there, but they always sound great whether playing their legendary or shitty material. Megadeth, however, is a different case. The many years of feuding and trying to be better than Metallica has hampered Dave's creative process. How else could you make Endgame and then follow up with a shittier version 2 years later? That's got to be the reason because what else could have caused this?

I'll start of with the vocals because they are my biggest issue with the album. To put it lightly, they are bad. I had to cringe my teeth while listening because hearing those forced vocals that Dave spits out is a torture. Now I know that Dave hasn't gotten any younger and his voice deteriorated, but I will go as far as to say that even Hetfield sounded better on Death Magnetic. The lyrics aren't that clever either and relying on repetition (Public Enemy No. 1) does not always work.

The riffs themselves sound recycled. There is not a lot of distinction between them, and even the songs themselves lack it, too. Not only that but they also bore the hell out of me. This modern Megadeth sound irks me the most. However I will admit that there are some cool parts such as in "Deadly Nightshade" and occasionally good solos here and there.

To sum it up, this is like Endgame except even worse. So Megadeth diehards and fanboys alike rejoice for yet another thrash release by the once great Megadeth. As for me, I am grateful that through the power of the internet I was able to hear this album without spending my hard-earned money on it, and so should you.