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A step down - 63%

Train_of_Consequences, November 29th, 2011

The first time I listened to"Endgame", I felt it was a reunion of Mustaine with the old fashioned style that made him so great and unique in the 80's, that same style that brought us "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", "So Far... So Good... So What?" (so underrated), and "Rust in Peace". However, with "13" (I'm not gonna explain how childish the actual name spells), it's like Dave took a middle point between "Youthanasia" and "Countdown to Extinction" without the mid-paced rhythm of the first and the reminiscent youthful anger of the last one. You might think that this is a good thing, but let me tell you: it isn't. This is not a good record, and in my humble opinion it's a step down from their previous effort.

It doesn't start off badly as the first two tracks give attitude to the album. "Sudden Death" and "Public Enemy No. 1" are very motivational, you might say. They're fast, evil, and start off the record in a good way. Like I said in a previous review, "Sudden Death" is one of the best releases from Megadeth in years. The on and on changing between Mustaine and Broderick in the solo department kinda reminds me of "Hangar 18" with the technical and skillful performance. After these two, you get a few fillers that really don't bring anything new to the table. This, in particular, is one of the things that bothers me more about this release: is full of non-sense, juvenile tracks all around. Not only has about three songs that were already presented in prior records, but some of the new ones are plain boring.

Then, "Never Dead" comes and gives another kick to the album with a mysterious and sober intro that turns into a riff-fest with fast drumming to go along. The lyrics, again like in "Sudden Death", take a detour in the political rebel way that Mustaine always tends to use and gives more emphasis on the darkness and evil, using analogies of the zombies and the torments of the undead. From there, is a downstream of slow catchy tunes, with a couple of good riffs. If this was another band, I wouldn't care. But, people, this is fucking Megadeth! You can't expect three or four good songs on a whole record with these guys.

Something that really highlights "Th1rt3en" (I had to spell it, otherwise it would be confused with the track...FUCK!) is the production. The bass and drums are thick and it's heavy with crisp guitars piercing your ears with the (I have to accept it) amazing solos that Broderick and Mustaine bring us. As has become a costume in the new century releases from Megadeth, the aspect done in the post-recording is done properly. Sometimes, you wonder how "Killing is my Business..." would sound like with a production like this.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, I enjoyed the sound on "Endgame" and this is clearly a watered down effort in comparison. To be honest, it's a mediocre effort from these giants. And this is from a man that has a Deth' title song as an username. I really hope that Dave takes back everything that was done right in "Endgame", make an improvement, and dump every radio friendly ideas that has been carrying along for several years. I'm not expecting (like so many) "Rust in Peace 2" or something like that, but Dave is old enough and has come a long way, to write something better.

P.S: Mustaine has been posting lately little teaser videos about the 14th production, and it feels just like the teaser videos that he released prior to this. Please, Dave, prove me wrong!