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No, Not The Sabbath Album - 60%

SweetLeaf95, August 8th, 2018

Basically, I like to think of Th1rt3en as all of the scraps that were leftover from United Abominations and Endgame thrown together as a big mess of a record, like a hot dog made out of pig scraps. Except even that comparison is a stretch, because I loved hot dogs back when I still ate meat. This album, however, I see as Megadeth's second worst effort behind The World Needs A Hero. Indeed, the inconsistency is one of the big downfalls, and the boring leads as well as uninspired riffs are what make it pretty mediocre. On the contrary, there are a few tracks that are pretty good the whole way through, as well as snippets here and there from others that stand out. But the end product just doesn't quite fit my definition of a quality product.

Starting with the good, I'll say that "Public Enemy No. 1" and "Who's Life (Is It Anyways?)" are absolute bangers that clearly came right from the heart. Neither track has anything that sounds forced, and the flow is executed beautifully with the choruses breaking into stellar solos and really good rhythm sections. The teamwork of the drums and riffs lay some really hard foundation. "Public" uses a more fret happy and polished up tactic, where "Who's Life" is stripped down and to the point, which Megadeth almost always do great with. "Fast Lane" is also a decent song, fitting for those highway drives, and "New World Order" is catchy as hell. The rest of the record? It's spotty. Take one that hits and misses like "Guns Drugs & Money", where the bridges that connect the chorus with the versus are pretty fantastic, but the musical building blocks themselves offer almost nothing. On another note, the lyrics are also pretty stupid.

As a matter of fact, the first half has a lot of instances like this. "Never Dead" contains the best riff on the whole album, bursting through with furious heat and speed metal foundation, but the bulk of the actual song is is completely stagnant. "New World Order" is the opposite, where the chorus and intro riff are mega catchy, but the rest of it has little melody and there's no life to Dave's voice. This is still one of the better songs, and I somewhat blame Ellefson's return with a banging bassline for this track getting a pass. Everything else? Scrap it. "Sudden Death" and "We The People" are weak. The last five tracks are completely hollowed out and hold nothing memorable. In fact, when listening to this late last night, I actually fell asleep by this point.

Bottom line, there are three or four tracks that really stand out, a few more that have moments, and the rest is just rubbish. Thirteen songs was the band biting off far more than they could swallow for this release, and they should have just taken the few good ones and put out an EP. For collection's sake it's worth picking up, or perhaps a bargain bin grab. Otherwise, this isn't something that you need to focus on seeking out.