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Unlucky - 48%

Mailman__, May 25th, 2018

Did you notice that the number 13 is in the album title and the album is called Thirteen?

See how track 13 is called "13"?

Notice how it's their 13th album.

Did you get all of those?

Clever, huh?  Sorry, Megadeth, your albums don't get better when you throw a million puns at it.

To start things off, Megadeth gives us "Sudden Death" (they made so many 13 puns yet they failed to use the "deth" pun), a track that sounds very technical at first.  This is nice because it's sort of a throwback to Rust in Peace or Peace Sells, but that is quickly whisked away as the generic thrash metal and heavy metal riffs they've been writing for a while now subdue the soundwaves of this album.  Sure, their two previous albums were good, but it looks like Megadeth's hit another one of those albums that just doesn't sound good.

This technicality is brought back with "New World Order," a song that even has speed metal elements.  Now this is a throwback to early Megadeth.  This is undoubtedly the highlight of the album for me.  Everything beyond this point in the album is pretty mid-paced.  All of the tracks run into each other in a hodgepodge of boring thrash metal.  A good example is everything from "Black Swan" to "Millennium of the Blind."  All of these tracks run into each other and I never seem to notice a difference between them.  Another example is the first track.  Despite its technical dabblings in the intro, it immediately dulls down into a chuggy riff that can only be called interesting because of the effects applied to it.  Otherwise it's just a boring riff that is played way too many times before the vocals come in.

Other than that, there really isn't anything else about this album.  There's absolutely nothing left to say except that the song "13," despite being a ballad, is pretty good.  This album had boring riffs other than two songs that actually show that Megadeth can still write decently, the lyrics are still cheesy Dave Mustaine lyrics, the drums and vocals and bass all sound the same, and the production sounds the same as well.  It's all there and it's done.  I guess that's just how boring this album is.  There isn't anything to talk about except for how boring it is.  It's like a rehash of Countdown to Extinction except it's even more boring.

I think Megadeth should've waited to release this album in order to give more time to the writing process because, when listening to "Sudden Death" and "New World Order," there is potential.  What I'm saying is they could have built upon this potential, had they taken the time to do so.  Maybe then they could've released it in 2013 just for the sake of another 13 pun.

Overall Rating: 13% (just kidding)
Overall Rating (legit): 48%

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