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Great home video - 95%

The_Philosopher, August 2nd, 2003

This is Megadeth's first home video, and features every video clip they had made up until and including the Rust in Peace era. David Ellefson and Dave Mustaine introduce every clip, speaking of how they made it, and what their thoughts were about them. They are really funny guys.

Peace Sells: GREAT fucking video. The live shots were filmed at L'amour in Brooklyn ( \m/ ) spliced with political footage and such. I like the part with the kid in the Slayer shirt and his father.

Wake Up Dead: genius idea for a song. It really captures the spirit and chaos of a metal show. The whole cage idea was great, and they SHOULD'VE used that as their regular stage set.

In My Darkest Hour: this was the clip that was featured on Decline of Western Civilization 2. It really exposed Megadeth to a larger crowd outside the thrash metal underground. Dave and David make fun of some guy with multicolored hair and two fat chicks who were featured in the movie. It is hilarious.

Anarchy In The Uk: the video is not bad, it's pretty enjoyable. The song itself is only okay.

Dave then introduces Marty Friedman and Nick Menza. They talk about how hot it was on the set of the Holy Wars clip. Then they play that clip.

The last clip they play is of Hangar 18. The band talks about the creature EFX and how the budget was pretty big.

Stop downloading pirated Megadeth mpegs and buy this home video!!!