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Thrash doesn't get much better than this... - 97%

WitheringToSerenity, July 27th, 2004

I don't know what influenced Dave Mustaine and company to create Rust In Peace. Easily one of the most incredible thrash albums I have ever heard but I could go for a slice of it. After the less successful So Far So Good... Megadeth really needed to deliver an outstanding album which they achieved easily. Despite all the hype over this album I still don't consider this album overrated. Its that good. One thing noticable other than the intricate guitarwork is that this isn't the heaviest thrash metal album you will ever hear. This melodic edge to thrash metal might not appease most but they easily make up for this with the amazing guitarwork. Dave Mustaine's vocals are also weak(although I enjoy them immensely) from a metal standpoint but he writes some incredible lyrics and music to make up for this. Which brings us to the other critical aspect to the albums success. The lead guitar of arguably one of the best lead guitarists on the planet Marty Friedman. One thing that propels Megadeth above the zounds of other thrash acts is the barrage of outstanding solo's Special mention to Dave Ellefson for his excellent basslines which is a privilege to hear in great metal music.

Rarely have I seen such a display of such great rhythm and lead guitarwork as with Rust in Peace. From the massive speed riffing of Holy Wars to the insane guitar solo's of Hangar 18 this album is full of excellent music. Megadeth's ability to create songs that sound very different musically is another strong point. Each song is unique and different that is next to never repetitive. I could drag on about how 95% of their riffs are excellent but its an album that needs to be heard to appreciate. With the exception for the short bass passage which is still great each of the songs are outstanding. Its a shame Megadeth was never able to recapture this genius on later albums. I am still grateful that they released Rust In Peace. An undisputed thrash metal classic which I would recommend to anyone interested in Megadeth or metal in general. A must own metal album if I've ever seen one.

Favorite Tracks: Literally all of them but if I were to pick. Holy Wars, Hangar 18, Tornado of Souls