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The Greatest Metal Album Ever - 100%

BoltThrowin_thrasher, February 27th, 2011

Through the years i have grown very fond of many bands, over many different genres. Especially in the thrash metal genre, and over the years I have heard many amazing albums, but this is easily the greatest. Ive never heard another album as musical and lyrically powerful as this one. It is in every sense of the word, a classic. Perfection from front to back. Essential to every metal lovers collection. There is no low on this album, every song is just as good as the last. Continuously pushing forward to the next amazing riff, the next perfect solo. Rust In Peace can only be described as a masterpiece.

The album kicks off with bang with the Megadeth classic, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. Lyrically, and musically a perfect piece of art. Vocally, Mustaine has never been perfect. But his vocals fit, and that is what matters. He has one of the more recognizable voices in metal, and that is for sure. The song starts with a blazing fast riff that forces you to start banging your head. The song in a way reminds me of Angel Of Death by Slayer. In the way it has a very distinct beginning, middle, and end, going from fast, to slow, to finishing strong. The next song is another classic, Hanger 18. Who could forget the end where Mustaine and Friedman are trading off solos. Then comes the anti-war classic, Take No Prisoners. The album then takes a somewhat unexpected turn with Five Magics. Being the most progressive track on the album, it does not dissapoint. With its slow climbing build to its strategically fast solo at the end, it is amazing. Poison Was The Cure is another song with a bass intro. Lasting nearly a third of the song, Then moving into one of the fastest, most technical riffs I have ever heard. The main riff makes the solo almost feel lacking. Lucretia is the sixth song on this album and some would think that at this point the album would let up, but Mustaine and his crew of metal giants will not let that happen. It begins with a laugh and has a somewhat strange opening riff. It is definitely a wierd song. But it's wierd in a good way. The solo is one of the best on the album. Once Lucretia is done rocking your brain, Tornado Of Souls kicks in. In my opinion the strongest track on the album. The emotion filled lyrics to the techinal guitars, this song is perfect. It possessess the greatest solo of all time. This song is so beautifully put together. Dave would never again top this song. No one will. After the emotion filled Tornado Of Souls comes Dawn Patrol. A slow creeping intro that leads up to the title track, Rust In Peace. Nick Menza opens this song with a badass drum solo and from then on this song kicks your ass. This being one of Mustaines earliest songs it does not feel out of time at all. It feels more relevant now then it would have earlier in his carreer. This song is the only way this album could have been ended. It has such an intense feeling to it. Every line he spews out fills you with a further sense of dread. A good dose of hopelessness to end it off with. The album starts intense and it ends intense. The thrash cycle is complete.

This album is definitely not a straightforward thrash album. the songs often contain elements of a more melodic or progressive style. Which gives this album a style all its own. The musicianship is tight, the lyrics are personal, and the sense of amazement never ends. This album is at times scary, sad, beautiful, and angry. Every song feels different, but it all belongs. It took me too long to realize the greatness of this album. And i hope this review helps you to realize how awesome it really is. For people who have heard it, it is an almost life changing experience. And for those who have not, it is a classic waiting to be heard.