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So you think you can dance like Dave Mustaine? - 30%

avidmetal, February 11th, 2010

Well apparently lars ulrich was the excuse in making the album, He asked his former best friend dave to 'start taking some risks'. Dave mustaine and his pop metal friend marty friedman set out to just that. A disco album for the ages, One that has been played out in nightclubs since 1999.

Dave somehow felt that the song 'Prince of darkness' had to be in a 'best of megadeth' CD. Thankfully, This song was not a tribute to the real prince of darkness, Ozzy osbourne. This song has some of the most painful mustaine vocals ever, and has some of the simplest one chord chugga-chugga guitar riffs. Marty friedman was very eager to tap into the nu metal and pop market but you can't blame the guy. Everybody has different tastes and he somehow felt that his work on 'Rust in peace' or any other megadeth album wasn't aggressive enough.

The worst song ever done by a megadeth is 'breadline', Which sounds like a megadeth cover of a bryan adams song or something. Dave mustaine as usual does his trademark talk-singing which can work/not work depending on the situation. He wrote songs like this on 'Cryptic writings' but they had a degree of honesty and conviction in them. This totally feels like an experiment gone wrong. Most of the songs on this album don't even pass as hard rock songs, They're electronic/dance music at best. I've seen glam-metal songs which are a million times lot less cheesier than this one.

'Crush em' is a bearable song and features a very poppy if slightly enjoyable chorus. "Crush....crush.....crush em.....Crush em!". The music video for this still rings in my mind, Megadeth succeeded in making complete fools of themselves. Not to mention the tie-in with the ridiculous movie that was 'Universal soldier'. Next comes my absolute favorite song on this album, "Insomnia", Boy his vocals are so high in the mix, He screams like a frustrated woman. This is where megadeth failed to capitalize. They should've made a different music video for this particular track, Featuring Dave, Marty and the others doing some break dancing around a camp-fire. There is a pure disco-beat section complete with electronic drum beats and a simple over-processed one chord riffs like the ones you find in many nu metal albums.

Megadeth were never meant to be like this, They're better off doing what they do best or atleast doing what they did on 'Youthanasia' or the commercially successful 'Countdown to extinction'. There are 3 remixes on this album for all you dancers and freestyle hip hop guys out there, Dave mustaine personally added three electronic mixes of songs such as 'Insomnia' which are guaranteed to set the dance floor on fire. Then there are songs such as 'Wanderlust' which sound like something done by jon bon jovi in recent years. 'Wanderlust' isn't the worst song on this album but that isn't saying much. As for the drumming, What drumming?. Sepultura's 'roots' album is better than this by a country mile. Atleast max cavalera admitted to be influenced by bands like korn and deftones.

If you're a thrash metal fan, Skip this. If you're a hard rock fan, I wouldn't recommend this one, Try 'Youthanasia' by the same band. If you're a fan of addictive over-processed electronic beats such as the ones found on your favorite micheal jackson cd mixed with some of the most ridiculous guitar riffs ever done, Not to mention the woman-like over-processed vocals of dave mustaine. Get this. You will love it.