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Megadeth's biggest risk indeed. - 60%

WitheringToSerenity, May 22nd, 2005

As a big Megadeth fan, I still ponder as to what Dave Mustaine was thinking creating Risk, which has as much in common with alternative music as it does heavy metal. Gone are even the slight traces of heavy metal that were present between Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings. The music is more simplified than ever, mainly because this is the first Megadeth album that contains average guitar riffage. Let me also state I have no objection to rock music, just that Dave Mustaine must have released this album either under pressure to appease the softer musical tastes of Marty Friedman or just to create music with a partial Megadeth sound that can appeal to the current trends in the music industry. Either way I say rather confidently that Megadeth is not the greatest at writing this style of music.

Prince of Darkness turns into a decent track with a somewhat enjoyable metal riff 4:40 into the song with a trademark metal solo after putting up with Mustaine's attempt at turning Megadeth into bland rock music. Enter The Arena is basically an intro for the more popular hit Crush Em and has an OK riff(which is pretty mediocre in my books). The chorus is quite catchy but it has the same problem as pretty well all the songs of this album. Lack of even decent guitar riffage. I'm not sure if its because the lack of incredible guitarwork I'm accustomed to but it also seems that there is not nearly enough lead guitar throughout this album. Breadline follows the clean verse, distorted alternative chorus which they have done much, much better on previous albums. The Doctor is Calling starts with a clean guitar reminscent of ONE(what the heck Dave?) with a weird effect and turns into a slow/midpace hard rock number where he doesn't seem to shut up about hearing the Doctor Calling. A notable solo that kicks ass but its too little too late at this point to revive the once metal juggernaut known as Megadeth.

At this point I'm just too drained and discouraged to go through the rest of the songs. If you are interested in an album where Mustaine's vocals and lyrics are front in the center as opposed to his incredible guitar prowess from previous albums, then this album could very well be for you. Even the songs on The System has Failed with Risk influence are more interesting than this. If you are a true Megadeth fan you own this regardless of its disappointment. I would recommend avoiding this album entirely if you have no interest in rock music whatsoever. Even for a catchy rock album I still find this only passable.