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Mosh Mosh Revolution - 78%

Wirecutter, December 30th, 2003

Ups - A very nice combination of rock and electronica.
Downs - Where's Megadeth?

Alright, on one hand, I'm a hardcore fan of Megadeth, especially their old stuff. I got this album without having heard anything about it, or even having heard of it, this being long ago when I was first getting into Megadeth. I simply saw it at the store, said "ooh, Megadeth!" (or something to that effect) and shelled out my fifteen bucks. Got home, popped it into my CD player, and was soon mourning the loss of my fifteen bucks, which could have been better spent completing my Pink Floyd collection. I listened to it a few more times, but shelved it more or less permanently by the end of the week.

Now, fast forward two years or so. After being introduced to the DDR machine at the local arcade, I am beginning to take an interest in electronica. But wait - where am I to find such music? They do not appear to sell these artists' work at any of the local music stores! Alas! And other such cheesy exclamations! When somehow - I honestly don't remember exactly how - I got the idea of listening to Risk again... and this time without skipping straight to Time: The End. And I must admit - my first impression of it was flawed. This is not a bad album. It is simply not a Megadeth album, which is what I had been hoping for.

Now I realize that Insomnia is an extremely heavy song, despite the fact that the synths completely drown out the guitars. Prince of Darkness is definitely not the best song on there but not the worst, either... though it completely deviates from the electronic theme. Enter the Arena still sucks in my eyes, since a snippet of a live recording doesn't really qualify as a song. Crush 'Em - how do I put this eloquently - blows. I'm sorry, but it just blows completely. Breadline is a pretty good song, though it hardly sounds like Megadeth. The Doctor is Calling is also good, though it seems a bit too long. I'll Be There sounds like it should have been in the trailer for a shameless "chick flick" instead of on a Megadeth album, of all things. Wanderlust is good, especially since it's about Clint Eastwood, and that's good for a few bonus points. Ecstasy... well, it's interesting, but the idea of a girl who dreams about sleeping with Dave Mustaine hardly seems like good song fodder. I'm not sure how I feel about Seven, on one hand it's one of the few songs with riffs, on the other the lyrics suck beyond belief. The Time songs are definitely the high point, my opinion hasn't changed on that. Time: The Beginning is wicked as purely acoustic songs go, and I must have spent more time listening to Time: The End than the rest of the album combined the first time around, and I've played it quite a few times since I started to Risk listening again.

All in all...
If you want pure Speed Metal, don't bother. The only Speed Metal song on here is Time: The End, and cool as it is, it's not worth buying the whole album just for this song, since you'll probably hate the rest of it.
If you like hard, non-metal rock and/or electronica, GET THIS ALBUM NOW. You will not regret it.
If you are a big fan of Heavy Metal and also like electronica, find Astral Techno Metal on once it's working again, as they do a much better job of mixing the two. But in the meantime, buy this album.